uTalk Quiz Scores

Find the original thread about the uTalk x LangFest quizzes and other awesome LangFest activities here: LangFest Activities 2021 (including uTalk Quiz!)

Putting these in a separate thread to avoid cluttering that one up :wink:

Thank you to everyone who came to the first quiz this afternoon (morning/evening). We hope you enjoyed learning about conlangs!

As mentioned, we have prizes for you this year, to be distributed as follows:

Each quiz is split into three distinct rounds and the top three players in each round will win:

  • 3rd place = 400 uCoins (our in-app currency, worth ten topics)
  • 2nd place = 600 uCoins (15 topics)
  • 1st place = 800 uCoins (20 topics)

AND thank you to a generous offer from iTalki, the 1st place player in each round will also get $10 of iTalki credit. So that we can share these out fairly, we’re generally sticking with the idea that you can only win $10 per day - but if you win first place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you’d still end up with $30.

We’re also running a leaderboard for the highest score of the Conference and we’ve got even more prizes for that, which we’ll be announcing next weekend.

For now, the leaderboard looks like this:

(If you want me to correct/change your name or see yourself on there twice, please let me know and I’ll update it! It’s tricky to sometimes tell from Kahoot nicknames! :wink: )

Hope to see you all tomorrow - at the later time of 17:00 EST / 22:00 BST / 06:00 (+1) JST - for our Austronesian quiz!


Today’s leaderboard update…

(Again, if you see yourself on there twice or if you think you should be on there and you’re not, please let me know! Still trying to work out everyone’s Kahoot names :sweat_smile:)

And tomorrow’s quiz has even more of a twist… it’s going to be in Spanish! Trata del mundo hispánico y esperamos que lo disfrutéis. :smile:

¡Hasta mañana!

@AlexanderThe @Aniko @Lim @Jinyoung @TomekP @Kai @hoopstats @lindiebee @DJWaaleyBabu


I think the leaderboard shows what a tough competition our Spanish quiz was this afternoon…

(See yourself twice? Don’t see yourself but you should be there? Let me know!)

Tomorrow’s quiz will be at the later time of 5pm EDT / 10pm BST / 6am (+1) JST and it’s going to be all about Austro-Asiatic languages!

See you there :smile:

@AlexanderThe @hoopstats @Aniko @CHALO @StevenT @Siru @Lim @Jinyoung


Thanks for coming today everyone! If you came in the top 3 of any of the rounds please email me at languages@utalk to claim your prize :slight_smile:

A recap of the prizes! If you come 3rd, you win 400 uCoins (access to 10 topics in any language in the uTalk app), 2nd place you win 600 uCoins (15 topics) and 1st place wins 800 uCoins (20 topics) plus a $10 credit from the amazing iTalki team!

Also we have some AMAZING prizes for our overall top 3 winners - to be announced during our quiz tomorrow! You don’t want to miss it!!

See you tomorrow :smiley:


Thanks, Emily, it was great to have the quizzes in a language other than English today. Although I was following the theme by calling myself EstebanT today, it’s probably best to show my usual name (StevenT), though no doubt I’ll be off the weekly leaderboard again after tomorrow so it won’t matter!

It was surprising and fun to be able to hold my own with the hispanohablantes - I’ll have to remember to thank Paula, who teaches the Intermediate Spanish online group class I go to - we’ve been covering topics related to Latin America recently as listening practice, discussion topics, illustrations of the use of the subjunctive, etc, and there were 2 or 3 things on each quiz today that I wouldn’t have got or been able to have an educated guess if she hadn’t done that.


Hi Steve, thanks for coming today! Sure do feel free to send me the Spanish group details across, thanks for asking :slight_smile: languages@utalk.com Hope to see you at our next quiz tomorrow!

Halfway through the week!!!

If you came to the quiz today, you’ll have found out more about our prizes for this leaderboard… we’ve got some fun codes from Hodder (publishers of Teach Yourself etc.) up for grabs, as well as some more iTalki credits! Want to get yourself in for those prizes? Come to any of our next four quizzes and try and get that top spot :smiley:

(Is your name wrong? Are you there twice? Are you not there at all and should be? Let me know!)

As for tomorrow’s quiz, it’s another non-English one… it’s all in French! Tetsu, Emily, and Brian will be there to quiz you, so have fun! :smiley:

@AlexanderThe @hoopstats @Aniko @CHALO @TomekP @StevenT @Lim @Jinyoung @Vadim @Siru


Something’s wrong with #9 and #10 here :thinking:

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Yep, what’s wrong is I updated the names and not the scores :sweat_smile: good catch! I’ll fix it now.

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I knew it was too good to be true :smiley:

Ce sera un grand défi par moi!

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Hope you all had fun at the French-language quiz today! We had a little bit of movement on the event leaderboard:

(Is your name wrong? Are you there twice? Are you not there at all and should be? Let me know!)

As for tomorrow’s quiz - it’s in the later timeslot again (17:00 EDT / 22:00 BST / 06:00 (+1) JST) and we’ll be covering Sino-Tibetan languages. You’ve got just over a day to cram, if you’re so inclined! :wink:

@DJWaaleyBabu @AlexanderThe @hoopstats @Aniko @CHALO @TomekP @StevenT @Lim @Vadim @Jinyoung


I’m hoping there’ll be a Slavic quiz sometime :stuck_out_tongue:


Koreanic and Japonic pleaseeee :pray:t2::grin::smiley:


Got a bunch more 1000-point scorers (on one question) tonight! And there’s someone new at the top of the leaderboard…

(Is your name wrong? Are you there twice? Are you not there at all and should be? Let me know!)

If you’re looking to take the #1 spot tomorrow, then you might want a sneak peek of the theme - tomorrow’s early quiz (09:00 EDT / 14:00 BST / 22:00 JST) is all about Turkic languages!

Good luck tomorrow!

@Vadim @AlexanderThe @hoopstats @Aniko @CHALO @TomekP @StevenT @Lim @Jinyoung


Not related to the uTalk quiz but just wondering does the uTalk app have Shan, Mon and Hmong languages? I don’t think I have seen them on the app so I was just wondering… :thinking:


No, they’re not on the app, and it doesn’t look like we had them in the old CD-ROM series either. :frowning_face: Good ones to add to our big list of languages to add to the app though! :sweat_smile:


Here’s the current leaderboard standing after our penultimate quiz…


(Is your name wrong? Are you there twice? Are you not there at all and should be? Let me know!)

And tomorrow’s quiz should be a fun one, with all questions put together by @Tetsu, King of the Dad Joke:

Our Amazing Asian quiz (with a particular focus on Korean/Japanese) will be taking place in the late slot, so 17:00 EDT / 22:00 BST / 06:00 (+1) JST.

See you tomorrow!

@Vadim @AlexanderThe @hoopstats @Aniko @CHALO @TomekP @StevenT @Lim


So my wish came true?:open_mouth::joy: uTalk ありがとうございます! 고맙습니다!:bowing_man:t2:‍♂


Hi all! So, we’re not going to be posting the leaderboard tonight because Richard has kindly agreed to announce our top three prize winners in tomorrow’s closing ceremony! :partying_face: Make sure you go if you can, and if you can’t, then I’ll be posting the full leaderboard after it’s done so you can see if you were in the top 10 this week.

Of course, no matter where you came, I hope you still had fun and learnt some new things (even if it was just to never trust the picture).

Thank you all for an amazing conference! Hopefully we’ll see some of you at our monthly quizzes (yes, we’re gonna keep doing those :wink:) in the future.