LangFest Activities 2021 (including uTalk Quiz!)

Hi all,

Hope you are all stoked for Polyglot Conference Global 2021!!! This year, LangFest is organizing social activities again, including Daily Karaoke, Topic Rooms, Multilingual Boggle/Scattegories, and, in partnership with uTalk, the uTalk Quiz!!

Please find all the information here:

Note that Topic Rooms require sign ups:

Hope to see you all!!


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General question resulting from this announcement: in the official Polyglot Conference 2021 Programme there is a uTalk quiz and LangFest Karaoke on Friday the 15th, but not on the other days. However, both are in my schedule at 10pm, at the same time as it would generally be on other days, but I live one hour ahead of London. Does this mean I have to add one hour for every programme element (e.g. 10pm becomes 11pm for me)?


I was just about to ask this question too. The schedule on the programme list in the LIVE environment and the schedule in the link given above doesn’t match. So which one do we follow?


Hi @TLP and @Jinyoung, sorry for the confusion. The inputs for Oct 15 were made much earlier and are in fact erroneous. The activities organized by LangFest and uTalk will start on Oct 16 and go on until Oct 23. Please see the information file linked above. Thanks!


Hi Tetsu, the programme page on the website says that Langfest Karaoke is at 15 Oct 2021 at 4:00 pm. Is that Montreal time or is that UTC time, do you know? Thanks!

Hi @Sadelle, sorry for the confusion. The activities start on Oct 16. Please refer to the activity information file linked above. Thanks.

Thanks for the clarification @Tetsu. Perhaps changes can be made to the programme list in the LIVE environment so that people won’t be going to the wrong event at the place and at the wrong date & time :rofl:


Yes, Richard is working on that as we speak. I cannot access it.

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Thanks @Tetsu any chance they will be clarifying what time zone the Live environment events are listed in?

Everything in the Programme has been automatically set to your time zone by the system. No editing in any “settings” is needed.


Ok, Thank you so much!!

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Hi all,
In a last minute schedule change, we needed to bring all activities to start on the hour, so 7:30AM Montreal sessions will all start at 8:00AM and 3:30PM sessions start at 4:00PM. Please refer to the Activity Info Sheet and the Programme once we get it up and running.

@Sadelle, thank you for your application to the Topics Room. Please note that your choices are both 30 min later, i.e., starting at 4PM, and not 3:30PM Montreal time. Thanks.


Thanks Tetsu, that works for me.

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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that there is still plenty of room for Topic Room short informal presentations/discussions, including tomorrow (Saturday).
No preparation or slides required, just come share your experience as you are!

For more info and some ideas or inspiration, please looks at the LangFest Activities sheet:

Sign up here:

We’ll then confirm your time slot shortly!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi @Nicolas and @Tetsu,
Is there a way the folks making the website for the conference can make the Topics scheduled in the Venus room more visible or put a notice in an obvious place besides the forums so folks will know there are some other discussions happening there? Right now in the Programme, the slots just mention it will be an unspecified topic . Folks not participating in the forums here that I know are not finding your Google activities sheet easily.

I just pinned the post so that everyone can find the post, and it doesn’t jus get lost. Nicolas and Tetsu both posted links to the Topic Room schedule of the talks, and it gets updated every day as more people get accepted to speak in these Topic Rooms.

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Cool… thanks @MultilingualBronxite Miguel was just wondering if the link could be shared on the Programme page somewhere, for folks not using the Forums. Looking forward to sharing as part of the topics. :slight_smile:

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The meetings themselves appear in the Programme as they are, being either Topic Rooms, UTalk Quiz, etc.I think there may even be an option to download the file to your computer as well, or at least screenshot it