LangFest Activities (including uTalk Quiz!)

Hi all,

Please find information on the social activities organized by LangFest (and uTalk for the Quiz) here:

Note that some require sign ups (including a total of only 20 spots for Karaoke on Oct 23-24!).
Sign up for
Topic Rooms:
Karaoke (Oct 23-24):

Hope to see you en grand nombre!!


Hey everyone! Who is signing up for Karaoke? Is this a virtual thing, too? Never done this virtually if that’s the case. But I am willing to try it out - sounds like fun!

Let me know who of you will be there!


hi Zeina,
Just want to let you know. You don’t have to sign up for the sessions Oct 17-22. These are in small groups. Only for Oct 23-24, for the auditorium sessions, you need to sign up, signing to the whole audience. Enjoy!
Further questions, you can also ask @SabCM


Ok sounds good. Do you know how many polyglots have already signed up for the Oct 23-24 sessions?

No, I don’t have the data. @SabCM will tell us as we go. :wink:

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I have to say, I have attended a few of these quizzes, and they have been very interesting, and inspiring and motivating. Keep it up!


Ok thank you so much!

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Thanks Toby!

uTalk @Emily and @charlottee would be happy to hear! They have been working SO HARD to make this happen for you guys.


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Here’s the leaderboards for our first evening’s (night for me!) quiz!

Congratulations to Lim, MiguelMLBX, Bianca, Alex T, Alexander, Matias, Ai, and Gizmo for coming in the top three spots and winning prizes. Big thanks to everyone who took part!! :smile:


We had a great second day of the uTalk quiz! Congratulations to Nico H!, Geoff W, Amirul, @hoopstats, Jason O, Suzano, Rosie, and 스티븐 for coming top three in each round! :smile:

Don’t forget, we’re running these all week if you want to take part - tomorrow’s will be in the Sun Room at 17:00 EDT / 22:00 BST / 06:00 (+1) JST (sorry :sweat_smile:).

Bis morgen, viel Glück!

EDIT: Oh! And in case anyone was wondering where they were at in the running for that ~grand~ prize… we’ve got our overall leaderboards below:


Hey, @charlottee in the Gold overall you forgot to add the second round (yesterday)!
Abrazo virtual

Hi @hoopstats! So, we’re just taking the overall HIGHEST score day-to-day for the overall boards - so like yours is 5566 from Saturday on Gold - because if we added them up then it wouldn’t be as fair for people who can only make a few sessions through the week rather than them all.

Actually, you were on the overall Gold board twice lol but since we’re just taking your highest score, you’ve got the top spot (so far! :wink:) and a bunch of people got bumped up to rank.

Hope that makes sense? We’re going to look at the design to make everything more clear from tomorrow, too. Hope you make it to the quiz later! :smile:


Hello everyone! Just here to drop off today’s scoreboards from our quizzes:

Congratulations to joanna, Alexander, Justdorkin, Карлос, Rosie, Lim, and Ai for coming in the top three in the different rounds today - don’t forget to get in touch for your prizes!

And here’s our overall rankings for those GRAND PRIZES (that will be revealed at the end of the conference)… Don’t forget, we’ve taken your highest single score for this scoreboard; so yes, some of you should be on it a few times, probably! :wink:

Currently leading are: Nico H! in the easy round, with 8430 points; Alex T in the intermediate round with 9295 points; and Карлос in the difficult round with 7040 points.

Whether you think you can beat them or not, I hope you join us tomorrow at 09:00 EDT / 14:00 BST / 22:00 JST for another three rounds!

Bis dann!


Hi Team!

I’ve tried to enter Kahoot! on my iPhone this morning with Game Code 500910 but am receiving an error - “We didn’t recognise that game pin. Please check and try again.”

Is this a daily code or is the event at capacity? Perhaps everyone’s points already have smoked me out of any chance of winning? hahaha

I’d like to participate in the Wed 21st 6am Tokyo time session, if still possible.

Hi Candace,
I don’t recall the specific PIN used for the 1st round, but I don’t think the 2nd or 3rd round used the code 500910.
But no biggie, just come to the next sessions in the SUN and we’ll do it again!
@charlottee @Emily

Thank you! Looking forward to it!

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@charlottee it makes sense, as the objective of uTalk is to make as participative as possible.

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Looking forward to more questions like these in today’s quiz! See you in 10 mins! :slight_smile:


Another day, another quiz, another set of winners!!!

Congrats to HôteldPolyglots (:joy:), Gabriel, Lim, Bianca, joanna, @hoopstats, and Katie for taking those top three spots in each round :black_heart:

And here’s our overall rankings:

It’s getting kind of tight there at the top (especially for the intermediate quiz!) but remember, you just have to get ONE high score to take it all!

Our next quiz is tomorrow at 17:00 EST / 22:00 BST / 06:00 (+1) JST in Fun in the Sun if you want to try your chances!



As Tetsu mentioned as we were doing the quiz, as of today we’re halfway through - which means you’ve now got three chances left to knock those people off their top spots and take home the grand prizes!

But first, our winners today:

Congratulations to Alex, @hoopstats, Alexander, 진영, Katie, Mateusz, joanna and Bianca! Don’t forget to claim your prizes!

As for those top spots…

Currently in the lead are: HôteldPolyglots (9082) on our Bronze Leaderboard; Alex T (9295) on our Silver Leaderboard; and joanna (7565) on our Gold Leaderboard! Remember, you only have to get the highest score once to win, so we hope to see you at one of the quizzes!

Tomorrow’s will be taking place in Fun in the Sun at 09:00 (EST) / 14:00 (BST) / 22:00 (JST).

See you there!