Any multilingual singers here for Karaoke?

Has anyone tried Karaoke here before? If yes, how was it? Not sure if it’s virtual either. Any info would highly appreciated :smiley:


Hi @Zeina-AR-DE-FR-EN

I don’t know how Karaoke works in the virtual world, but I was singing Karaoke at the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin 2014. I really love singing and would like to participate. With my guitar (not Karaoke) I have experience in singing in German, Dutch, English and Esperanto.


Ah wonderful! Have you signed up for this virtual Karaoke event yet?

Hi @Zeina ,

No, I haven’t signed up for Karaoke yet, because I haven’t found where to do that.

Hi Jolien!

For the Karaoke sessions from Saturday to Thursday, you simply go to the Venus Room and meet the participants, no sign-up required. However, you will have to sign up for the bigger Karaoke sessions for Friday and Saturday which will be in the Sun Room, you will sing for an audience. :slight_smile: