Where is ticket's link?

I can’t find the link to get a ticket (TT)
And how can we get free tickets? I can’t pay in my country, please help . Thank you

Hi! did you go to the Eventbrite site to get your ticket? :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much , I applied for free ticket , but how can I see if I got the free ticket or not?
There is an email keeps come to me that regist but I’m already registered. Would you help me please don’t want to miss tonight’s conference (TT) thank you in advance

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I can’t tell if I have received a free ticket or not, either. Would you tell me where I can check it out?

@Kooki @Miki

There is a short delay with receiving the ticket for the Live Environment. You should be getting it soon. :slight_smile:

I didn’t received anything yet😔 and it’s been an hour that the conference has started

I’m also yet to receive a link, even though I made a donation…

I’m in the same situation. I have an event brite eticket but there’s no link to anything and I haven’t received any emails, either.

Dear all, if you make a donation on the eventbrite page, the explanations about how to register are on the thank you page (you will also receive an e-mail)
If you want to apply for a free ticket, we organize them manually, you might have to wait a little longer.
In case you haven’t received any e-mail after 12h, feel free to send me message here.

Hope to see you all very soon in one of the language practice rooms :slight_smile:

@Anja_from_Alemania I didn’t receive any e-mail, I tried to log in, but it tell me it can’t find my username (e-mail).

Hello Anja,

I too never received an email, neither from eventbrite nor polygot conference.

And unfortunately, the post donation landing page disappeared for me because my browser refreshed the page automatically! I expected that I’d receive an email with the same information, but alas…no email.

I other words, I can’t follow any instructions!


I didn’t receive anything too :pensive: :cry:

@Anja_from_Alemania That would be great, thanks Anja! I already sent you a mail a while ago. Looking forward to getting access to the conference :slight_smile:

I said I would donate but have not received a request for one. I didn’t see anything called EverBrite pass by. I’ve registered via PolyglotConference.com. I’ve got the Confirm and Activate email, gone through the Tutorial, made some posts, got my Trusted status/certificate, but I don’t see any Presentations listed anywhere.

I don’t know if I’m in and lost, Halfway in, Not in, or in some Limbo state. Suggestions or Help please?

i wish to apply for free ticket too…

Did you go here first? :slight_smile:

Did you go here and request a ticket, and get emails from here? The link to the Live Environment should be sent from Eventbrite, then you create an account.

After that, you can log out of the Live Environment, then log back in. It should work

I went to Everbright site, signed up for a Ticket, Got my 2 emails from them - first was welcome, second has ticket picture but NO Link as to where to reply to. I tried the ‘Follow Richard Simcott’ and the ‘Contact the Organizers’ but that triggered nothing. I logged out and back in to my PG Conference account (already set up) but no sign as to where/how to use my Ticket.

So now I have a Ticket but I still CAN’T GET IN to the presentations. Frustrated!!!

Dear Paul, I am sorry you are having struggles entering the environment.
On the Thank You Page on Eventbrite as well as in a separate email you should have received an e-mail with the information about how to log in.
If you can’t find it, could you please send an email to PolyglotConference(at)gmail(dot)com?

We will get you in as soon possible.
Looking forward to seeing you there.



I’m in ! using link from The Simcott ID I just received. Thanks so much for the help.

Paul R

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