Uses For Venus Room After The Closure of Earth Exchange

Hi community! :slight_smile:

As we know, we will have the Earth Exchange rooms as well as some of the rest of the rooms available for all of us until November 8. After that, we will only have the Venue Room and the Moon Cafe remaining to use. As we also know that the Moon Cafe is reserved for free chat, that will just leave us with the Venus Room to use.

Even with one room, I believe that we can program different types of activities and have them take place in the Venus Room. A fellow member suggested that we could make a spreadsheet of activities and meetings for the whole Live Environment, but we could start to organize ideas to schedule all these activities now, so that we can prepare to use the Venus Room in this way starting November 9.

Some ideas can include but are definitely not limited to:

language meetings

Would anyone like to agree to meet in the Venus Room and discuss ideas about what could be start to fill the schedule with? Would it be a fixed schedule for all or should it be dynamic? Feel free to give your feedback, as well as possible meeting times in the Venus Room. Because this is a global thing that we are all organizing, there will be multiple meetings, so you can join 1, or all of them. Our schedule will be a 24 schedule to show all events going on at different times around the world. You could also feel free to host a meeting or event, although it may not be necessary to have hosts for language meetings, but a native speaker could facilitate conversations in them.


Keen to take part.
When would you like to meet?


I will be there for the meetings when they are set to happen.


It will be great! Thanks @MultilingualBronxite for taking the lead to get all these ideas planned out!


Same as Zeina— If I know when meetings are, and if it works with my schedule, I would be happy to join in! I am on Pacific standard time, which I believe is -8 GMT.


Hi Miguel,

I am keen to start a regular session of poetry reading, having seen how many of us really like it. The thread which I started is still running.

I would like to get some folks who are keen on poetry to take turn hosting it but we stick to a pre-agreed format so to make things easier for people to prepare.

The first poetry reading session was hosted by @Alanood and she did a great job !

Look forward to hear from you.



Any time that you want, just let me know and I’ll do my best. I’ll try to be in the Moon Cafe more often this week as well to talk to everyone about it, but if I can get one or 2 times to meet, I can really try. :slight_smile:

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@MultilingualBronxite I’m interested to join too! Shall we all fix a time? :grinning:


What time? :slight_smile:

This is the spreadsheet that’s waiting to be filled out.

As it is shown, the time of the spreadsheet is set to London time, and the time won’t go forward there until April. Haha. The start times are set for the start of the hour, but if someone may need to start a meeting at a different time (i.e. :30, :15, etc.), let me know and we’ll see what we can all do, but I think that the start of the hour should be good.


I’m fine with anytime as long as it’s not past midnight in Korea

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So we just need to inform you if we wanna organise some event and you will fill in the spreadsheet for us?

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Yeah, it’s pretty simple. If you are able to usually attend and have some good attendance and participation, it would be great.

You can inform me or Candace, who also now has editing power on the schedule.


That’s great! Thank you @MultilingualBronxite and @Candace for helping to keep the schedule updated!


Hey @MultilingualBronxite

We are meeting every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am EST for Arabic MSA practice. Could you please add that if no one is taking that spot?

Thank you!



10 AM EST, 3 PM London time :slight_smile:

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Sorry I should have provided the times in London time. Will do next time!

Thank you so much!

@Zeina-AR-DE-FR-EN Have you had a change from summer time to winter time? Last week 10AM New York was 3 PM here in Vienna… Which is 2 PM in London :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes we actually changed our time already. Will the new time difference be problematic in scheduling our meetups you think?

We set our clock back by 1 hour on Sunday I think.

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