Trouble accessing Global Live Environment after ticket purchase

I purchased a ticket through the Eventbrite link in this post, but I cannot figure out how we can access the Polyglot Conference Global Live Environment from the ticket.

Can attendees access the Live Environment now with a ticket, or will instructions be sent to the attendees in the coming days? Also, is the Live Environment where I can see the line-up and time of the talks?

Thank you very much! I am really looking forward to the conference! :smiley:


Yes, you will be notified per email with the instructions and how you can join the live environment on Friday in the coming days. You should have already received an email confirming that you are already registered.


Hi Alida!

So your first questions has been answered already. None of us, including myself, have access to the Live Environment yet because it is not ready. On Friday, at 20:00 London time, the Live Environment will open to all and you should receive the link to the Live Environment in your email.

The talks will open up in a new section of this forum on Friday, and you will be able to watch them all whenever you want for the duration of the Conference. They have all been pre-recorded.


@Jinyoung people are also talking about the live environment link here apparently

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Hi, I have been having trouble purchasing the ticket through Eventbrite, in addition, if I click on CONTACT on your website and must then login but the site does not recognize my email, that means that I should create a different account from the forum?

Can someone update us on when we will get the link to the live environment? Thank you very much :grin:

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Hi, Miguel!

That answers all my questions. Thank you!


for me i have already fill up the form for the free ticket access and i still not receive an email

can someone help me?

Thank you very much :smiley:


I have not received anything yet but I will wait until tomorrow

Hi Sara! If there are problems with Eventbrite accepting your form of payment, you are free to select the free ticket option.

Regarding the second problem, I am having the same problem, it is doing that with a few other options on the site as well. I may write to them myself and report the problem. You don’t have to sign up, I think it may be a site problem with its host.


@Jinyoung @ekingpogz @Mateo

The link for the Live Environment is not out yet. I have not received it either. It will be sent out to everyone that is registered tomorrow, a few hours before the launch. I’ll also report when I get my link as well. :slight_smile:


Less than 12 hours to the Conference! I’m getting all excited. Any updates to the email for the link to the live environment?


I haven’t receive a link for free ticket until now its already 6:15PM here in Philippines


I have purchased but I haven’t received any email. Plus, it says in the eventbrite site that I have none tickets, but the money has been transferred. What’s going on??? Can anyone help me?


Can someone answer our queries please, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear all, if you have registered on the eventbrite page (or via the Google form) you should all receive an email right before we start the live opening at 8pm (London time).

Meanwhile, feel free to watch the video Richard made to show you the environment. Looking forward to seeing you all at the conference.


Thank you for the clarification. So the email will be sent out soon or has it already been sent out?

Soon. We promise to let you all know because I have to receive it too. Watch your email and check all of your folders. :grinning: :laughing:


Thank you for letting me know because I had the same question.

Best Regards,

I got the e-mail right now!