Thread for introduction sessions to your language

Hi everyone,

I thought I would make this thread for anyone wanting to give a session over the next 2 weeks about a language or an introduction to a certain language. So if you would like to organise a place and time to introduce everyone to a language or culture (rather than just a conversation practice), just post it in the comments here :).

I know the conference is over but we have these 2 extra weeks so the opportunity to broaden our horizons further and learn even more is still there! So if anyone wants to, you can do so here and hopefully there will be enough people wanting to attend.

I hope to see you all in the rooms,


Good idea!
Does anyone want to join a Japanese session?
I could give an introduction to Japanese culture and language in English. We have a lot of unique things to talk about such as art, food, traditions and religions as well as the language.

Also, I’d like to know more about other cultures. It’s always fascinating to learn something new.


I would be interested. I’m fascinated by Japanese culture. I even have Japanese inspired tattoos on my arms. I’m still learning the language.

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Me too! I’m interested in getting to know more about Japanese culture since I’m learning Japanese!


Pease do one! I’m interested!

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Salut Sachi, I am also really interested ! When would you do it ?

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Thanks everyone, it’s good to know that some people are interested. And Tiffany, I’d love to see your tattoos!

How about this weekend (10/31-11/1)?
Since it’s difficult to find a timing when all of us are awake, let’s have two sessions. Japan time (utc+9)
① Sunday, 11am in Japan / Saturday evening in the U.S.
② Sunday, 8pm in Japan / Sunday, around noon in Europe

Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you so we can reschedule.


That’s great! I’m already excited about the sharing session! Love Japanese culture so much! :jp: I’m fine with both timeslots since Korea and Japan are in the same time zone. また日曜日に!


hi cool thanks, i’ll be there in your 8pm session on sunday!

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hello i will be there for your session :smiley:
@Sachiwhich room will it be??

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I will find out how that lines up and will do my best to attend at least one session. I can show my tattoos then. There is only one of them that may be inappropriate, but it’s based on a very old theme.

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Great! I’m interested too, Sachi! :+1: :pray:

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I’d be interested too.

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Let’s meet up in the Zaloa room

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Thanks for offering! I’ll try to make it, probably Sunday.

Ah scratch that, I think the first session actually works better time wise (10 PM EST vs. 7 AM)

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Hi everyone, I’m going to give an introduction session to Japanese culture and language in an hour from now, in the Zaloa room. See you soon!


Hi Sachi, am I late for this session? :joy:

Sorry, it’s just finished!
We are having another one tonight at 8pm in Japan. See you then!

No prob, see you later today then Sachi!

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