Southeast Asian Languages

Intermediate-level as in just regular books to read or specifically for language learning?

For the former I would recommend most of the post-independence literatures, particularly those made in the aftermath of the 65 coup. Ananta Toer’s Bumi Manusia, Gunawan Mohamed’s Parikesit series, Pastor Mangunwijaya’s Burung-Burung Manyar and I Gusti Putu Wijaya’s Malam series are all very good “classic” angkatan-66 books to read, think of the first one as Indonesia’s own Solzhenitsyn.

For the latter admittedly I have no clue and you probably would have a better luck in a kedai buku in Malaysia. Again Standard Indonesian is still linguistically considered a register of Malay and when we’re still sticking on the standard register, the diction differences (while they do exists) are also prevalent in other pluricentric languages (Hindustani and Serbo-Croatian comes into mind).

By the way, hijacking this thread for a bit of still related question; are any of you guys interested in learning the Eastern Indonesian Malay Creoles? I’m particularly interested in Manado Malay (Bahasa Manado/Melayu Manado) and Ambonese Malay (Bahasa Ambon/Melayu Pasar Ambon). The Eastern Malay creoles are creolised as such and has developed their own grammatical features such as the usage of pu or pe (contraction of punya) as a marker for possessive form instead of the common -nya suffix in standard Malay/Indonesian.

-I went to Bernard’s house to take my book that I have left there.
Standard Malay/Indonesian
-Saya pergi ke rumah Bernard untuk mengambil buku saya yang tertinggal.
Ambonese Malay
-Beta pi ka Bernard pu rumah vor ambél beta pu buku tatinggal
Manado Malay
-Kita pi ka Bernard pe rumah voor ambe kita pe buku tatinggal tu

If you want, I can share some resources on the short overview of these two Malay creoles/bahasa pasar.

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Ambonese Malay sounds interesting - “beta” in (Malaysian) Malay is first person pronoun (saya) if you’re a member of a royal family.

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Indeed it is! I’m also curious on how beta became the preferred personal pronoun instead of sa (constraction of saya).

Anyone wants to gather in the Earth room on Tuesday or some other time this week? Will be awesome to listen in to Thai/Vietnamese speakers if any, or to just chat about/in Malay/Indonesian.

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Hi Astari,
What time are you looking at ? Hong Kong/ Singapore time zone wise?

Yes, let’s use Singapore’s time zone then for reference. I’m free to join at night (19.00-22.00) or morning to noon (09.00-14.00) Singapore time any day this week. Or ill try squeezing in if people are going some other time :v:t3:

I can do 10:00 to 1400 for most part of the week too.
How does it work ? You start a room and everyone just join?

I’m free during most evenings this week, mbak Astari - mau ikut ke ruang bahasa Asia jg.

Hi, apparently the Multilingual Asia room is gone now, changed up by Richard just today and there’s only Multilingual World room left. I guess we can go to the World room since it’s usually empty :slight_smile: alternatively, we can fill up a request form to arrange a Zoom meeting in the “Help” section in the bottom page of Live Environment.

Apa ada waktu yg pasti mau ketemu atau belum?

I’d be interested in joining. 900 Singapore time is 2000 in the US for me. I can be flexible.

I’ll be on at both 10 AM and 8 PM Singapore time then on Multilingual World room on Tuesday, so others can just join in. I usually check the room every now and then, too.

Just let this thread know if anyone is ever in any room anytime to see if people could join!

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marked my diary. Catch up soon.

I’ll join you at 8 PM Singapore time tomorrow - @10 AM I have to teach a class.

Also, check out the Italki classes as well in the programme as there are Vietnamese and Indonesian classes. Hope to maybe see you all there too.

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Ja it’s a bummer with the other channels getting cut out, I would probably be able to join you tomorrow if it’s at 2PM GMT+2

I’ll join in tomorrow 8pm too!


Such a pity that the Indonesian classes are at 6 AM in my timezone -_-

Oh no I also just gave up Vietnamese at 6 AM tomorrow, hope the meet up time works for you then. I’ll be happy to learn quebécoise from you and help you with Indonesian though!

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I also gave up on the Vietnamese session tomorrow. There’s another one on Friday at 5pm KST so I might just pop in then and have a look. See you guys tomorrow evening at 8pm SG time? I’d like to listen to native Indonesians and Malaysians speak Bahasa! Haven’t got a chance to interact much after coming back to Korea