Small group practice & experience exchange

Greetings / Saludos / Salut / Gude ol / Kuali tonaltzintli ompa ikalme / 大家好,

Just as other individuals here, I am interested in getting in touch with people intrested in creating small chat rooms (3 - 5 persons together online or just one to one chats) community of learners or enthusiasts interested in practicing their fluency on certain languages or sharing experiences on language learning or multilingual lifes.
However I have decided to create my own topic based on my aim to find who I am looking for faster and easier and hopefully I will help you to find what you are looking for too.

I am a native speaker of Spanish and fluent in English.
I am available in Teams, Google meetings and Zoom (Teams is better for me).
Usually I am available around 10:00 - 12:00 and 18:00 22:00 UTC-6 / GMT-6 time from tuesday to saturday every week,
Feel free to get in touch with me or free to invite other friends to use this topic for creating your own conversations and practice groups. As long as they keep being conversations for creating this small group connections please.

About me or my interests in doing this group I shall say that:
By one side am improving my French and Tok Pisin (je vous invite à nous rejoindre ici :slight_smile: plis yu ikam wantaim mipela tude :slight_smile: ), by the other I need to refresh my Mandarin and Nahuatl, but I invite speakers of these languages to feedback me too, Please. Nokal mokal, 請便.

I am only familiar with Afrikaans / Nederlands, Português, Kreyol Ayisyen, Italian, Deutsch, Jiak Nooki.
And I am most interested in these other languages in specific: Lingala, Garifuna, Svenska, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Melayu, Hokkien, Enga / Huli, Mixteco,Twi, Yoruba, Ghanaian Kru Creole, Nouchi ivoirien, Camer, Ndebele sesewula and Papiamentu.

I know it might sound crazy doing this while being responsible for other things but I am convinced that every person has something worth sharing and listening at. Specially regarding to the things that we love ¿isn’t it?, Thanks for reading this.


Hey AaronG,
I love this. I have also felt the need for more consistent interaction with fellow language-lovers, so I created a community that attracts these kinds of people. It’s been really cool so far. We have events called “cram sessions” which are designed for picking a time, turning on a playlist, and studying at the same time. Something similar can be done for practice sessions like you suggested. Come check us out!

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Hi Aaron, kinda off topic but ons sal 'n kleine Afrikaans geselssessie vandag om 6uur UTC in Germanic Room hé. Kom en klets met ons :slightly_smiling_face:

Why not do this on Discord? The interface is so much better! You can get on Voice/Video any time and you can see who’s on all channels before you join. That way you know if you want to join the French channel or the German channel, for example. Each language has its own channel.

Hi Aaron!

Because we will still have the Venus Room and Moon Cafe available after the closure of the other rooms, we are creating a schedule of language meetings so that everyone can still come to the Live Environment and practice languages, so there won’t be a need to go anywhere else. If you would like to plan and language meeting, let me know with a time, and in a few days, we will publish the Venus Rooms weekly meeting schedule with the meetings that have already been set. :slight_smile:

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Hi Aaron love your idea for a gathering in a small room, I’m a native Indonesia and I would be happy to share my knowledge and learn more about other languages. I would love to join especially since I can’t really interact with a large group of people, so I’m hoping I could join you.

Hi Alex lekker naweek.

Ek is jameer, I couldn’t read your message before. Ek was besig.

Baie dankie for your invitation. Just as @MultilingualBronxite said, I think I shall confirm the day and time in which I’ll be available next time in order to have everthing set for meeting you all and for avoiding to stand anyone up.

I hope this Forum and the meeting rooms will be open for a longer time.

¿Qué hay Miguel?

Awesome!, I’ll tidy up my schedule for meeting you all soon.

In the meantime ¿what about the Karaoke option? and ¿has someone requested to create a Spanish language room yet? Haha.

And, Hi @niolea Nicole

Thanks for joining us then, I hope having a date for you soon because I understand you I enjoy time in small groups much more than in crowds.
Greetings :smile: