Polyglot Conference Global 2021 - Registration & Plans


We are working hard behind the scenes to get everything set up for this year’s Polyglot Conference Global. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you to the NEW Live Environment for 2021!

Please do now click on the “Register” button on the site to get YOUR ticket now. Alternatively you can go directly to Eventbrite here:


The Moon Cafe and The Venus Room are OPEN from the New Environment. The Old Environment will be turned off after the weekend, so do make sure you’re all moved over in time!

The Lingua-Cultura Experience will be with us this year, running some events alongside our other partners: LangFest, uTalk and Zaloa Languages. We also have plans with our sponsors, including 100 italki lessons in various languages!

We thank our speakers for proposing wonderful topics for you to enjoy and to Olga, who has already proposed times for languages exchanges.

If you want to get involved in hosting a language exchange, a talk or an event, you will have the option to do that with our dynamic programme over our ten days together. You can also sign up right now to offer something to The Lingua-Cultura Experience Team by filling in the form below:

Remember to add in your regular meetings on the new submission form in the Programme area. We will happily add everything you want to do now ahead of time. We’d love for you to keep on with your regular meetings throughout the conference too!

Once again we will offer tickets for a voluntary donation.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



Hello! Where do we go to get the tickets for this year’s polylgot conference? :grinning:


It doesn’t seem that they are on sale yet. The “Register Now” link on the Conference site hasn’t been updated with the link for this year’s event. We’ll have to wait until Richard makes the announcement soon. I’ll be checking as well.


Hello! Just to say that the new tickets for this year’s event are now available on the Eventbrite site. Feel free to drop by to get yours! Super excited to seeing you in the new live environment. The Moon Café and The Venus Room will be open from there too and The Saturn Theatre is still showing all of the presentations from 2020 (yes, those not yet public). We also have the programme up for suggestions for things to add. This can be used from now too, so you can suggest things you want to organise ahead of the conference proper! Enjoy!


I just signed up, I hope I set things up correctly. I am worried that there will be two of me here on the forums, but I will continue to use this account unless I am told otherwise. Thank you, @polyglotconference for making this event possible.


I’ve just bought a ticket. I’m getting really excited about this year’s conference.


I’ve just bought a ticket! We’ll all start filling out the Programme very soon! Excellent! :smiley:


I’ve also got my ticket :tickets:! Looking forward to meeting everyone again at the conference this year :blush:


HI everyone! The year went quick!

Got my ticket too and set up login for new live environment. However, unable to login yet. Also tried to reset password, but wasn’t able to. @MultilingualBronxite @polyglotconference is the new live environment not accessible yet?

Received approval email, but I think password reset link not working, as it goes straight to login page again, but not a Reset password page…

All up and running now! Thank you @polyglotconference!!! :slight_smile:


I got my approval email and the new live environment looks very fancy. Are the rooms still the same? Meaning, if I click on the Venus Room or the Moon Cafe in the new environment, will I be directed to the same Zoom meeting as from the previous live environment?


Got my ticket! Hope to see you all there!


Yes indeed! The new live environment looks very fancy and classy.


It should take you to the same rooms, they should have the same functions, at least from now until the Conference starts


I just signed up and logged in successfully. All set!

Oh, would you all be interested to have a pre-conference meetup today in the Moon Cafe (plus a few more times this week and next) to catchup? I was thinking 4pm London time / 11pm Beijing-Singapore/11am New York ?

I’ll put up a post in the main forum page.



I have my ticket also… been looking forward to this quite a bit since last year’s conference. Hoping to offer a couple of Irish chats too. :smile:


Hi Richard,
I have just bought a ticket but can’t seem to login to the environment.
I am able to login to this forum page though.

Should I just wait for further instructions.

Thank you.

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After you receive your ticket in your email, you will receive the link to the Live Environment, and you make an account on it, and then you have to wait for your account to be approved.


Thanks Miguel.

Just registered. Now waiting for approval from administrator.

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Bonjour amis d’apprentissage des langues partout dans le monde. J’ai acheté mon billet pour l’événement à venir. Le forum est opérationnel. J’attends toujours l’approbation de mon compte pour accéder à l’environnement live. J’espère vous voir bientôt.



What are the differences between the regular practice sessions and the sessions organized by a host? For which levels are both of them intended?
Also, when will the Italki lessons be programmed?

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