Oi gente! Where are the translators here?

This is Dafnes, from Brasil.
I’m new here and I would like to learn more about beeing a translator.
I’m a Sociology teacher, and I love to learn languages and to know new cultures!
I also want to make friends here, so feel free to say Oi!


Oi Dafness! Where does your name come from? What language(s) are you working on at the moment? Do you weave a link between your work as a sociology teacher and your language acquisition, or are they completely separate?

Olá, Dafnes!

Tudo em paz?

Eu trabalho como professor de alemão e de inglês e já fiz alguns trabalhos “freelance” como tradutor.

Estou aqui para aprender com todos!

Oi Dafnes,
I’ve been a freelance translator since 2006. I specialise in legal and business translations and translate from German, English and Spanish into French and Luxembourgish.
I’m happy to answer any questions about working as a translator.

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Hi Dafnes and everyone! I used to be a freelance translator, now I run a translation company. Feel free to ask any questions about the translation industry! I’m mslinguistic on Twitter, misslinguistic on Instagram.

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please look at my post: Multilingual picturebook app looking for translators and narrators

Hi Dafnes! I’m also interested in becoming a translator, so I’m gonna be watching this thread with some curiosity…!