Multilingual picturebook app looking for translators and narrators

Hi, my name is Sjors Miltenburg and I make the picturebook app BookaBooka.
It is an app for children age 2-8 and contains 150 titles in 10+ languages.
Currently we support Dutch, Dutch sign language, Frysian, German, English, French, Czech, Farsi, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic and soon Italian an Chinese.

We want to offer even more languages (as much as we can), and are actively looking for people to help us translate and narrate our books.

In BookaBooka you can currently choose in what language you want to read a book, but our short term goal is to be support reading a book (or be read to) in a combination of 2 different languages.

Please read more info on our website, or try our app for free by installing it on iOS, Android or Windows.


Hi, I can do Malay. How does it work. We translate the available titles into Malay or come up with a local version of the titles (adaptation). Would like to learn more about this. Resources are limited for reading in Malay for children in this age group.

Hi Rogayah,
Thank you for your reaction. I would love to come in contact with you.
You can reach out to me at
Let’s schedule a google meet to talk about details, when are you available?
Kind regards,