Language (Polyglot) Goals for 2021🎉

I am so excited for this Friday’s polyglot conference! With the conference coming our way, we are about 2.5 months away from 2021! Every year, I will set language goals for the upcoming year and review my progress for the current year around Oct~Nov. I wanna share my language goals for the next year and wanna hear yours too! Let’s share our language goals and help each other :blush:

2021 Focus
日本語(Japanese), ภาษาไทย(Thai), Tiếng Việt(Vietnamese), Kiswahili(Swahili), Norsk(Norwegian)


  1. Able to talk about my hobbies, weekend activities, leisure
  2. Pass N3 exam in July 2021


  1. Watch a Thai children’s cartoon w/o subtitles
  2. Able to talk about drama and entertainment
  3. Pass my B1 exam in Mar 2021

*Tiếng Việt(Vietnamese)

  1. Understand the news w/o subtitles
  2. Able to read news articles
  3. Able to hold a conversation on traditional East Asian art paintings
  4. Start reading novels for native Vietnamese w/o translations
  5. Pass my C1 exam in Mar 2021


  1. Able to talk about my hobbies, what I like and describe my daily routine
  2. Hold a conversation in Swahili for 30 mins


  1. Able to talk about daily life, hobbies and leisure activities
  2. Pass Norskprøve 1 exam in 2021 summer (provided flight to Norway is possible by then)

Wrapping up 2020 with more books and readings, looking forward to a more fruitful 2021! I am curious about your language goals! Getting so excited seeing so many language lovers here :raised_hands:t2:


My language goals for next year are:

  1. Spanish, gain confidence in speaking/ conversing. Aim for a B2 level of understanding.
  2. German, practice conversation. Work with a tutor. B1 understanding.
  3. Romanian, practice conversation. Understand the grammar. I would like a C1 understanding. Make a few friends who speak Romanian.
  4. Japanese, focus on reading Kanji. Develop a stronger understanding of the grammar. No level goals.
  5. Latin, take a course online to really dive into the spoken language. More grammar. No level goals.
  6. Sanskrit, understand the writing system and pronunciation. No level goals.

It’s a lot to do, but I think the year coming up will be good for me in terms of language acquisition.


Så fint da! Jeg håper at du kan reise til Norge neste år. Fingrene krysset! Neste år må jeg bestå Bergentesten. Jeg er veldig nervøs nå fordi jeg venter på resultatet til Norskprøven B1-B2 som jeg tok forrige månede.

Min 2021 språkplan er:


  • Full fluency in 1-on-1 conversations, 2 hours plus
  • Able to understand and speak fluently in groups of native speakers, 2 hours plus
  • Pass N2 JLPT exam


  • High fluency
  • Can use professionally, including report writing


  • Make a start and achieve basic conversational


  • Intermediate level… we shall see…

My language goals for 2021:

  • Improve all my languages that I have right now an A2 level. Greek, Turkish, Hebrew.
  • Improve my Romanian to a B2 level and my Italian to a C1 level.
  • Improve my German and Dutch to A2 level.
  • Acquire at least conversational level (either A2 or B1) in a Slavic language, either Polish, Croatian or Macedonian.
  • Learn an African language to an A2 level, either Wolof or Swahili.
  • Learn another rare, vulnerable or endangered language to an A2 level.

As far as my languages goals are for the coming year.

  • Reaching A2 level in slovene

  • Reaching B1 in german

  • Gaining more confidence in speaking english (C1-C2) and improving my writing too.

  • Keep improving my vocab in english (idioms), spanish (aiming at C2 level) brazilian portuguese (incorporating more slang and idioms)

  • Bonuses: reach B1 in italian/A1-A2 in Serbian

At the first glance, it sounds challenging but I think it’s doable if I remain consistent in the long run.


Basically, equalizing…

B2 Polish (be too Polish)
B2 German (be too German)
B2 Spanish (be too Spanish)


Usually I never have specific language goals for which year ever. In the past when I was preparing my language exams, of course I wanted to obtain my language diploma’s. But otherwise I hold it flexilble. For some semesters already I have been attending a Norwegian conversation course and for 2021 I am planning to continue with this course. I have to register and pay for it every semester again.


I am working hard on listening and speaking because my listening skills is very bad, I need to get use to the natural speed of a native Japanese


I am learning Swahili now and it is really interesting and I am in love with the East African culture after I started learning Swahili!


Yes, I totally agree. Consistency is very important in language learning. One can never improve in a language if he is inconsistent. Many people just don’t see the amount of hard work we language learners put in daily in language learning.


My goals are:

  • Reach B1 in Kazakh
  • Start learning Mongolian
  • Work actively on Spanish and Portuguese (which until now I have been learning passively using my knowledge of Italian)
  • Start another Slavic language (maybe Czech)
  • Make time for more conversation practice in all my languages

Mes objectifs pour 2021 sont d’améliorer la fluidité en parlant le français avec mon professeur “Italki”. Je voudrais lire plus romans et moins souvent chercher des mots dans le dictionnaire.
Voglio iniziare la formazione di conversazione in italiano con un tutor su Italki. Spero di poter leggere un romanzo italiano in lingua originale entro la fine dell’anno. Ho comprato il romanzo di Claudia Durastanti " La straniera". Ho già letto la traduzione olandese. È stata una storia impressionante. Sono motivato a leggere la versione originale italiana.


Right now my only focus is Korean, and these are my goals for 2021:

  1. be able to watch videos with subtitles without pausing - my reading comprehension is good but subtitles are still a bit fast for me
  2. improve my listening - be able to get at least the main idea of what’s being said
  3. start reading webtoons!
  4. start journaling (?) writing is not my priority but who knows, maybe I’ll do it just to practice

Trying not to aim too high because I get frustrated with myself super easily, but hopefully next year will be productive!


I’ve been recently thinking on this and I think my goal for next year is to actually become a Polyglot :sweat_smile: I’ve always had a love of learning language, but never really organized around it! I have the basics of Bahasa Indonesia (very rusty), Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin, so my goals are:

  • Japanese: Reach C1 level speaking, reading, and writing (I reached this level in university but that was almost a decade ago, so back to the drawing board!)
  • Korean: Reach B1-2 level speaking reading and writing.
    *Mandarin: Reach A1 speaking, reading, and writing
    *Bahasa Indonesia: Reach A1 speaking and reading

I feel like this might be a lot, but I’m sort of splitting this between now and this time next year! I think once I figure out a routine that works well for me, I’ll be able to make it happen!!


Reading this thread, I just realized I never had such
clear and organized goals :sweat_smile:
For me it’s usually just “improve this language” or “improve that language” or something like that and the languages I favorise are pretty mood dependent. I’ve been focusing on Arabic for the past 5 years and only recently picked up French again. I want to get back to a confident B2 Level in French again, but wether that will be this year or next year isn’t important for me.
I want to be able to speak, read and write confidently and independently (without the need of dictionaries or Google translate) and watch movies/tv series again in French and reach that level in Arabic, too some day. But as I’m learning languages for fun I don’t want to force or rush anything or work towards certain goals within a time frame as this would take all the fun away for me.

I also want to pick up Spanish and maybe even Russian again some day and I’m thinking about starting to look into Thai language a bit because we enjoy going to Thailand for vacations. Right now I’m pretty motivated thanks to the language challenge on italki and polyglot conference going on, but I know myself and I know that sooner or later that motivation will change again and I will want to focus on only one or two languages again then.


The NHK news podcast is a great source to listen to native speakers. I also can provide some suggestions on vocabulary building and Kanji learning.


Usually I make process/habit goals not goal goals. But It’s fun to participate in this kind of thread.
French: feel confident enough to switch communication with francophone clients into French. Make small talk with people more easily at orchestra practice (After covid) and on the street with dog people. Yell at Cyclist endangering drivers and other people I hate more fluently.
ASL (sign). Participate in as many deaf events as possible after covid. Make friendly acquaintances. Take and pass level 106/203 if it ever gets offered. This is a hard level so must pre-prepare for it.
Spanish: finish the Duolingo “tree”. Be able to understand certain kinds of material. Is that B1? Something like that.
Japanese: finish the duolingo tree. Pass the JLPT4 in mid year. Not sure. Japanese is hard. Complete kanji level JLPT3.


My goals for 2021: continue with my German studies, improve my Catalan so I can be in a conversation with a native speaker, and get every Catalan course to level 5 and become able to form complicated sentences in Russian… All in all my goal is to improve all my languages. Perhaps I am going to start a new language, I don´t know yet:)


I would like to reach N2 in Japanese (taking the exam next year seems like an impossibility because of Covid, but at least I could reach that level…) and generally just be more conversationally fluent. I’d like to learn more specialised vocabulary, too - medical terminology, but also the kinds of words I need to be able to read fashion magazines!

In French, I would be happy with reaching A2 and being able to have a basic conversation. Maybe I’ll try to take one of the DELF exams, just to encourage myself.

In both languages, I really just want to find more opportunities to actually use them!


What I achieved so far in 2020:

  • Spanish: I think I solidified my C1 level, read three books and a half (so far)
  • Indonesian: managed to learn the basics and can introduce myself
  • Portuguese: started to learn it finally and can have fluent conversations with natives, I guess I have a B1 level?
  • Japanese: got back into it and studied for JLPT N5 (the exams got cancelled :frowning: ), finished Genki I, almost finished Minna no Nihongo, started looking a little bit into JLPT N4 material

My goals for 2021:

  • Spanish: become a subjunctive master, read at least five books, ten would be even better
  • Indonesian: can be able to talk about my hobbies without struggling
  • Portuguese: get a solid B2 level
  • Japanese: pass the JLPT N5 (… or N4?), be able to have basic conversations