Italian practice in the venus room

We are trying to organize a practice in the Venus room for Italian. We’re thinking of having 2 practices to accommodate for different time zones, and we tentatively proposed 1 at 6am NY time, 1 at 6pm NY time, but feel free to suggest different times. Who would be interested?

Edit: A few have proposed moving the practices a bit later, to 8am/8pm EST or 1am/1pm GMT instead. What are your thoughts?


Hi @Baguette, I am generally interested in Italian practice, what’s New York time in GMT / UTC?

I am fine with 6 am NY time. Which day will it be on?

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My bad-I should have used London time instead of EST. This would be 11am/11pm GMT.

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Thanks, @Baguette for the converting of the time. 11 pm GMT would be for me 12 pm CET, so this is midnight, this is not possible for me. Perhaps 11 am GMT = 12 am CET, but I am often in the city at noon, so I don’t know.

11am London time or earlier on weekdays is best for me :slight_smile:

What day are we considering?

I would definitely be interested, but I live in Mountain Time (GMT-7) so I would prefer something like GMT 1am/1pm. That’s 6/6 for me and 8/8 in east asia.

Europe, the americas, and east asia are approx. 8hrs apart from each other, so maybe instead of two times 12 hours apart, we should optimize for our European friends for one and americas/asia as another. Like GMT 1am + 7pm, depending on the day of course.

@Feilin @Jolien @Jinyoung Alexander raises a good point that my original idea of having the practices 12 hours apart isn’t the best idea, and we should instead have one practice for asians/europeans and another for americans. Having one between 9pm-1am GMT would optimize america/asia and the europeans who are night owls, and one at 6pm or 7pm would optimize america and europe. Of course this would be too early for asians, but they’d have the other one. What do you all think of these times instead?

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Hi @Baguette. I am living in Asia but I prefer the 6~7pm GMT time :sweat_smile:

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@Baguette 6 ~ 7 pm GMT would suit me fine as well. It now depends on which evening…

For the 6pm time, Mondays would be best for me :slight_smile:

From 6 pm GMT = 7 pm CET I can join the Italian group about every Monday. When Corona allows it, I will have my Norwegian VHS-Course again at exactly that time.

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@Feilin @Jolien @Jinyoung Okay, so it seems that by popular opinion we should schedule 6pm GMT on Mondays. But actually, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I made that comment a few days ago-none of the times I listed optimize asians at all! What if we made the other practice at 1 or 2 GMT? That would make it 8pm or 9pm for asians. Or feel free to list the times you prefer. Clearly I haven’t been very good with converting times… :sweat_smile:

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@Baguette 1~2pm GMT will be 10~11pm in Korea which is a little rush for me because I would have just ended work. So 6pm GMT is better for me.

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@Baguette @Feilin @Jinyoung

I have scheduled a time slot for Monday 6 pm GMT (London time) = 7 pm CET (Berlin time) for speaking Italian in the Venus Room and I will be attending, as long as I don`t have a Norwegian course meeting in the city. Benvenuti a tutti! :slight_smile: