Interested in linguistics? (subject)

Hi everyone! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Recently I started some courses for linguistics, and as I have enough material available.
I would love to share it with people whom might be interested. This is mainly foucs on Spanish linguistics, but either way I think it may help you.

I’m planning this on the Venus room, in a kind of class sessions, that you can attend weekly.

If you are interested, please let me know…

Best regards


Depending on the time that you would offer the session, I’d be interested in learning a bit about linguistics.

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I’m interested too but like what @PinAngel said, it depends on the time :blush:

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Hi same as the other ones :slight_smile:

Good to hear that! :upside_down_face:

As right now, I’m considering to do it at weekends, so for most people doesn’t cross with work or other schedules, that you might have. But I still follow your comments.

About the timing or the specific schedule, I’m planning to do it in the mornings (Central time), usually between 9-11, but also that can change (depending on what works for everyone), if you might have trouble with that, we also have the option to record the session.

Thanks in advanced for the interest!

Take care

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Hey buddy!

Would love to participate as well. Let me know when the session will become official :slight_smile:


The timing is a little late for me (12am-2am in Korea) so I’ll try my best to attend if this session becomes fixed and official :grinning:

Sounds good! saturday or sunday would work for me (if I didn’t mess up the time zone XD)

Definitely an interesting topic, time zones permitting :slight_smile:

Ok then…I’m going to make a 1st session, just for testing purposes, and then you tell me if you like this type of lessons…

Saturday 9-11 (Central time), I’m not going to post it on the schedule officialy because I want to see how this works and If people its what´s looking for. Either way this spot of time it’s free in the Venus Schedule…

If you have any other question please don’t hesitate to let me know…

See you then…

Hi, which time zone do you mean by Central time actually? Could you maybe write it in GMT too? Thanks :slight_smile:

Starts: (Saturday)
Central Time Zone (US,MX and CAN)-9:00
Coordinated Universal time-15:00 (GMT)
Central European Time-16:00


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UPDATE:Just had completed the first session, I’m gonna give it a second chance to all who were interested in first instance, don’t worry if you couldn’t made it to first presentation, I’m exploring the limitations and circunference of this topics.

It would be held at the same time that I suggested before…
If any concerns or comments, please drop them down below :wink:
Thanks to all who joined today…

Take care everyone…

Best wishes


Unfortunately, I have a Spanish conversation group that happens at an overlapped time. Perhaps, I can stop in for the beginning part of the next test session.

I am interest in the second chance of the first session

Hi, I just found this and I’d also be really I terested in this. Unfortunately Saturday afternoon (GMT) doesn’t work for me. If you ever do record the sessions I would certainly love to watch them though! :slight_smile:

Hi Jesús just to let you know
I’ll be on the road this saturday, I’ll try to attend and listen in if I have internet on the highway.

Jesus please email me on any upcoming sessions - I missed the last one because I don’t get notifications here.


Hello everyone!
I’ve been watching your comments in the timeline, I willl try record the session, mostly the audio let me check how can I start to improve that, there’s a fuction in PP, but I don’t know how far I can take it…

If you would like to consult the diapositives, I can share it with you with no problem, but as far as you can see this could be followed more easily with the exposition itself, that are like 80% of the content that I show.

Thanks a lot for letting me know your concerns…
BTW… of course,we have session tomorrow.

See you there :slight_smile:


Hey Jess

I am thinking you can post a separate zoom link and record your sessions through that room. It will be saved on your computer, which then you can repost in the Forum or anywhere else you chose for people to revisit.

Hope that helps