Interested in linguistics? (subject)

Thanks to the people who join with me… :wink: :blush:

Next week, I think we will have fresh audio to record, I see that the recording works, but with the video takes lots of time to render, from now on I’m going to save the audio.

I will also try to use use the default function of Zoom, in my own room or if have the opportunity to record it directly with the permsions of the host…regardless the quality is not the same, but if that’s works for you, I can do it. This is just because I want to give you good material that you can keep up and perhaps revise later on.

We will continue as usuall, next week

Thanks for your time

Best wishes


I really enjoyed your presentation and I look forward to next week.
I was thinking about language evolution after the meeting today and thought of how I watched an evolution of a term, in real time. I shall now list the example:
What is happening?
What is up?
What’s up?

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So is it official that every Saturday at 10am EST, we have a Linguistics meetup?

Should we add it to the schedule? If yes, I suggest you ask for a 2-hour slot (just in case we need more time.) BUT it’s up to you for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


The reduction is so hilarious. It’s like people don’t feel like talking anymore LOL.

Next step would be to just blink… :joy::joy:

Let’s try…

Let me ask @MultilingualBronxite if he can managed to gave the slot space in the schedule, I was thinking to move it if there were more people who might be interested, but seeing as I’m gonna record it, I discard this inconvience…


I’ve seen a good head nod along with an eyebrow raise to indicate “what’s up?”
Maybe the future is sign language, but without the hands. It’ll be interesting for sure.

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Hi everyone! :crazy_face::grin: Hope you are doin’ alright!!

For the ones that are following me, I would like to ask you to watch this video and on Saturday you can address your concerns or (what I’m aiming for) create a dialogue/open a conversation around this topic…I think this video summarize very well the first part of the “cycle of communication” and the principe of objectification, (Also, In further sessions I would might continue taking his videos for reference for other topics, if you don’t mind (I consider this would help a lot!)

Take care, and see you on Saturday! :upside_down_face:

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I will definitely watch this video. I was excited to see Mr. Tuggy as your teacher of choice. I follow his daughter on YouTube, she goes by SuperHolly. I will bring my thoughts to your presentation on Saturday.

Ah cool
Same as Tiffany I am familiar with his daughter’s channel
Unfortunately I can’t come to this week session but I’ll definitely watch the video!

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Hey everyone! :grimacing:

Last session I could make the register from the audio files, I uploaded a raw version, of the session held on Saturday, so everyone who couldn’t not attend or in further sessions, can get acces to the topics adressed in those spaces.

I share with you the folder where I would be uploading frequently all this content (sorry in advance if there’s any issue with audio) , please let me know if you have any troubleshoot with it, constantly I would be trying to deliver a good structure so you don’t have any kind of hassle with it).

Thanks again…


Thank you so much for this! I will try to listen to the files next week - already looking forward to it :slight_smile:


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I just watched both of his videos. I will be honest I wasn’t paying full attention to either one, but I like how he explains things. I also find it interesting to watch the videos back to back and see how they differ in vocabulary. I watched his Spanish one first.

@Jessy when is the meeting tomorrow? I’m not sure that we decided on a time. I’m available at 8:00 or 8:30 PDT