Hi I am Adrian and I am Deaf

Hello everyone!
It is such a disappointment that I could not attend the polyglot conference in Mexico. I have never attended it before but I hope to attend it one day. A bit introduction about myself. I am from Singapore and I am Deaf. I was educated at Deaf school before I was mainstreamed in schools.

I went to Japan to study PhD and I acquired high proficiency in Japanese and JSL. In short, I am able to speak in English, Japanese, Chinese and simple Malay. I am able to sign fluently in SgSL (Singapore sign language), ASL, JSL and CSL (Chinese sign language). Hope to get to know all of you and I am happy to teach sign languages if you are keen!

See you around here!


Hi Adrian! This is so cool. You are a super accomplished polyglot! I’ve always wanted to meet someone who knows a lot of sign languages. I’m just barely beginning my journey with ASL, but it has totally captivated my heart. This is my first conference too. Welcome and hope to meet in person at one of these some day.


Me too! I am always intrigued with different languages be it spoken or sign languages. Did you attend ASL class?

That’s amazing that you speak so many lsign languages.
I work for italki and we actually have a few (not many but hope to have more) native speakers of Sign Language on our platform. One of our teachers with his wife actually is sharing his story at the Polyglot Conference and offering some basic ASL lessons.


Hi @Zxavier

Wow, that’s absolutely amazing!

How do you learn phonetics? In country where I currently live are Deafs learning phonetics and pronunciation by touching speakers neck to feel vibrations and by mimicking mouth and tongue…

What about history of Deafs in those countries?
In the countries of the former Soviet Union were Deafs abused. They were sent to boarding schools where they were banned to use Sing Language. Some older folks are now ashamed to use Sing Language in public :pensive: … But the situation is slowly turning for better :+1:t2:


Hi, welcome! I know some DGS (German SL).


Wow I always wanted to learn more about sign language. I became really interested in ASL after watching the series “Switched at Birth” which revolves around sign language and also uses sign language as part of the script.

You are incredible for having mastered all these languages.

I wish you the best of luck and enjoy this conference!


Omg! Thanks for sharing about your app. I have never used it before but I would definitely take a peek at it. From what I see here is so many polyglots are carving out their careers in language-related fields and it makes me think of what I really want for myself! Other than ASL, what are the sign languages available on italki??

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Hi Robin
Thanks for sharing about the deaf history and sign language. Yes at the age of 5 years I went for speech therapy. Like what you said the therapist asked me to do this or that. If the letter started with p, then use tissue paper in front of my mouth and expel air to push down the paper. That is how I learned the phonetic. Now I’m learning French and Korean at language schools so it will be a new set of challenges for me. I always love to relive the experience of being a child one more time!!

How about you? What languages are you learning?


Wished that I could pick some of yours up! I only know the common greetings danke and guten tag. That is it! Where did you learn DSL?

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Thank you for your kind encouragement. It’s amazing to know there are people who are interested in learning and using sign language. It does not have to use the voice. You can use your hands to create your own “voice”!

Where did you learn ASL?

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Oh I haven’t had the chance to 100% learn it yet. I started a year or so ago learning ASL basics, but that was it. But I will go back to ASL learning once I have some time. :slight_smile:

And yes I completely agree that you don’t need to have an actual voice to be heard. A lot of people have influenced the world in the way they simply are as human beings. I think its important to shine in the unique way that only you can be, and voice is only an extra accessory.

Trust me, a lot of people have a voice I always wish I could never hear HAHAHA

Lots of good wishes!!


Nice to meet you too

Speech therapy. I hated it :rofl:

I am trying to conquer Mandarin Chinese. But I am really afraid to speak, because of similar pronunciation but different tones, which change whole meaning.
Understanding to spoken word is always my weakness. So I prefer written form :ok_hand:t2:In this meaning English was harder for me than German. German pronunciation has logic rules, but I English it is not always apparent.

One of the perks being Deaf is the ability communicating with Deafs from other nations without big problems :+1:t2:

Hey Adrian!

I am Scottie :blush: I am hearing however, I have a love of Sign Language as well. I use ASL daily​:blush: I hope at one of the events we can chat in person!


I learned in Germany years ago. I know a lot of people learning SL on Discord, but idk if I should continue with DGS now, because I don’t spend much time in Germany currently.

nice to meet you! Are you also interested in learning sign language?

I would definitely love to meet you in person. You are welcome to sign with me! Planning to go to Mexico for next year conference?

I think there are the major sign languages but always open to adding more. You should apply to teach. I know we are looking for more native speaking Sign Language teachers. Plenty of Sign Language Teachers who “speak” it as a second language.

Definitately check out our talk about Introduction to ASL. Anir and Amy are an amazing couple teaching ASL in India… and have been throughout the whole COVID-19 epidemic.

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I have not gotten the program details though. Have you gotten any details?