Hi I am Adrian and I am Deaf

Of course! I wouldn’t miss it!

From what I know, they will be emailing out information before the start time. I know there are 2 logins. One for this forum which we are on and a separate one for the LIVE Polyglot Conference environment.

https://youtu.be/KfKN013L8NU Here’s the video and Richard’s latest Facebook group post:

The Polyglot Conference Global Live Environment REVEALED - Make sure you’re ready to be part of it too! https://youtu.be/KfKN013L8NU

You can join the Polyglot Conference by:

Signing up to our forum: PolyglotConference.com

Signing up for a ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/124544635357

What you get:

  • Access to the Live Environment for 10 days between 16-25 October (or however many you use/need)

  • Forum access to message people and agree to meet LIVE

  • Access to ALL Polyglot Conference Global Talks for the 10 days of the conference

  • Opportunities to win prizes, get discount codes and join in on a number of LIVE events and language exchanges throughout the 10 days

  • An open environment 24/7 over 10 days, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what your schedule

  • A truly global, drop in and out conference to suit your needs, lifestyle and commitments

Hey Adrian

I’m a sign language interpreter in Australia… hence, I’m fluent in Auslan. I married into the community, and my kids have moderate losses - one identifies as hearing impaired, the other as Deaf.

I know a little LSF and ASL too, but not whole lot other than the alphabet. I’m actually considering studying NGT and Sign Language Linguistics in Amsterdam in a couple of years.

So good to see you here! I have a few Deaf friends who learn other languages, but I don’t think they will be here this week.


Glad to know you and surprised that a Deaf person participates here in a “hearing activity”. My name is Victor and I´m a Mexican Sing Language Interpreter… I know a litte bit of ASL. Glad to read you.


Hi Adrian! Impressive what you’ve been able to accomplish. I’m interested in sign languages from a linguistic and cognitive standpoint. Would love to talk about your process and philosophy of language.


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I’m now planning an accessibility panel and would love to have more Deaf participants involved. I hope you’ll join!

Nice to meet you! I only just found this thread (there are just too many interesting threads here :see_no_evil:) …

I’ve always been interested in sign language but haven’t had the chance to learn one yet. Hopefully I will, one day :slight_smile:


You’re really inspiring, and you’re showing us that language is beyond sound, that we still communicate with each other as human beings through multiple modalities!


Hey CateDeans. Thanks for reaching out to me! I am so glad to know that there are many people who want to learn sign languages! Are you bow living in the Netherlands?? OMG! Awesome and you have so much international exposure! Are you planning to attend next year conference??

Hola! Nice to meet you! Yes I am so passionate about languages so I wanted to get to know more about you guys! How did you find the conference? Is Mexican Sing Language interpreter very different from ASL??

Sure! I would love to share my thought with you! Are you familiar with sign language?

I am sure that you will get an opportunity to pick up sign language! Where are you currently based in?

likewise you are also stepping out of your comfort zone to learn new languages! You are awesome!

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Hi Alesia
So sorry for my late response. Sure I am happy to help out to fill out the quick survey. If you think that you would like to involve me in the accessibility panel, pls let me know! I am happy to volunteer!

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