Hello from Germany

Hello there,

I’ve just realized I haven’t introduced myself yet.
I’m Ramona and I’ve been learning languages since childhood. I’m a native German and am fluent in English and Turkish. I also speak French and Spanish well, currently studying them in university (going from B2 to C1 this year).
I used to be fluent in Russian some years ago when I was still in school but I must admit, I forgot almost all of it. When it comes to understanding written things, I still kinda understand but when it comes to speaking or writing … Let’s not speak about that :laughing:

I am a beginner in Thai and Swahili as well. For 2022, I plan to finish my university studies with FR and SP, re-learn Russian with an app and focus on Thai. I want to go from “have to think over an hour how to write a few words in Thai script” to "I can comfortably read/write/speak/understand daily topics.

I’d love to find some language partners to practise above-mentioned languages and I’d be happy to help you with German. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, I make them all the time but am still happy to be able to communicate in other people’s native languages :slight_smile:


Hi Ramona @RRR :grinning: Nice to meet you! I speak Thai quite fluently and I’m more than happy to practise Thai with you. Feel free to attend our regular weekly Thai language exchanges!


I’d love to, thank you @Jinyoung
Do they still take place after the conference is over or will the whole website get closed?


They will still take place after the conference is over! We’ve been having these regular weekly Thai language exchanges for over year since last year’s conference.


Lovely to hear! I’ll definitely start attending as soon as I know a bit more than right now (won’t be of too much use to just say “hi, how are you? I’m from Germany” :smiley: )
Could you let me know when the exchange usually takes place and in which room?

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You can refer here for all the details


Thanks a million! :clap: