Has anyone received the link to the Conference Live Environment?

Hello fellow polyglot conference participants! Has anyone received the email with the link to the conference live environment? I checked my mailbox and there is nothing yet so I’m wondering if it’s just me who hasn’t received it yet.


We will be sending out the emails within the next hours, right before the opening ceremony at 8pm (London time).

Meanwhile: feel free to watch the video that Richard made to explain the environment:


I have not got the link yet. Checked all my folders. Hope to get it in time.

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I haven’t received the link either.

I think it’s best to check emails/forum at 8 pm promptly, which in my time zone, is after 1 hour and 15 minutes from now :joy:


Thanks! This was a really helpful video to watch!

I just got the email.

I got the e-mail, logged in when I go to “polyglotconference.com” - but cannot get to the “universe”. Can anybody help to post the link to the “universe” page?

Hi, try the second link in the mail you have received.

Hi Bjoern,
thanks. Unfortunately, it sends me to the wordpage site

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Hi everyone! I am in the conference now. I tried joining a language practice zoom meeting, and still waiting to be able to participate.

I know this conference is difficult to organize online and on zoom, taking into consideration the need to moderate everything and take care of everyone’s individual issues.

So, a huge shout-out to everyone who has been helping! You are doing an incredible job!


Hi! I’ve signed up but after 8 pm, can I still get access?

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I have registered and donated but have not received any email with link. I’ve been to the page and it will not acknowledge my emailed il.

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What did you do after updating the profile (after this page)? Pls help me out…

I registered on Eventbrite on my Saturday morning (Beijing) hoping to watch videos during my weekend but still haven’t received any link :cry: Hope we can get this figured out!

Has this now been resolved for you? If not, please do let us know.

The link to the live environment registration should have been included in your e-mail from Eventbrite, or directly from me for FREE ticket holders. I have just checked yours and resent it to your registered e-mail address.

Hi Richard, thanks for looking into this - I haven’t received anything from you or from Eventbrite, and don’t see it in my Spam either.

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Hi Richard - the one from you came through now! Although it did indeed get caught by my Spam filter. Thank you for helping to resolve.

I received a receipt and a ticket link from EventBrite but no link to the live environment. I’ve clicked on everything in the email and nothing leads to the event. Help?