Greetings from Malaysia

Hi! Like many of you I was a little disappointed about not being able to head to beautiful Mexico this year but oh well… que será será !

I’m Malaysian but have been living in various countries. My main languages are Bahasa Malaysia, Penang Hokkien, Tamil, English, French, Hindi and Tagalog. I’ve also dabbled in Turkish, German, Italian, Japanese, Burmese, Khmer, Syrian Arabic, Navajo, Lakhota, Halkomelem, Nootka, Hawaiian and Malagasy. Malagasy is my current focus so if you want to miteny gasy with me, feel free!

I work for a software company that creates language apps so the more languages I know, the better, I guess :smile:



Wow Brian, you really love languages.
Sounds like fun to work for a company making language learning apps. Do a lot of your coworkers like to learn languages too?


Wow! These are incredible languages. May I ask what company you work for? I am also involved in Natural Language Processing and creating language technology for low-resource languages.


Haha, thanks. Yes, learning languages is a passion of mine, although I can probably say the same for everyone else on this forum :slight_smile:
Many of my coworkers are bilingual or trilingual (one guy speaks at least 5 languages fluently), but they tend to stick to familiar European languages, like Germanic or Romance languages. I’m the crazy one who dips his toes in totally unfamiliar territory!

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Hi Daniel, thanks :). I work for uTalk, we’re one of the sponsors for the Conference this year.

We’re currently focusing on rarer languages for our app, especially endangered ones. Off the top of my head, we will probably be adding Hawaiian and one of the Neo-Aramaic dialects to our app sometime next year (I say probably, because this depends on the worldwide covid situation, since we record native speakers of the target languages and sometimes our staff have to fly to remote locations).

That’s interesting! feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to discuss further. Are there any particular languages you’re working on at the moment? My work email is


Hi Brian! Apa kabar? Saya pun tenggah belajar Bahasa Malaysia juga :slight_smile:

I have family there and often go, so it is quite useful. One day would like to tackle more languages spoke there!

Glad to meet you!


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Khabar baik, Mus :slight_smile:

Baguslah kalau ada orang di sini yang nak bercakap Bahasa Malaysia :slight_smile:

Bence İstanbul çok güzel bir şehir! I’m pretty familiar with Istanbul, used to stay in Üsküdar and enjoyed walking all along the seafront from Fenerbahçe up to Beylerbeyi.

Likewise, the pleasure’s mine!

PS: Oh yes, I’m into creative writing as well, am currently working on my first novel, sci-fi with a focus on what else…linguistics.

Selamat bertemu kembali sahabat!


Wow super sekali! Bagaimana belajar bahasa Navajo, Lakhota, Halkomelem, Nootka, Hawaiian and Malagasy ini? Mungkin bisa berbagi tips sumber belajar?

Salam, kenal. Saya Ayu dari negara tetangga, Indonesia.

Semoga sehat selalu :smile:

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わたしは、皆と比べたら、ぜんぜん恥ずかしいわ。言語というと、英語、広東語、中国語、ノルウェー語と日本語だけができるから。しかし、hokkeiに興味がたくさんあるよ!将来的に、時間がちょっとまたあったら、絶対勉強したい!! 実際には、広東語が出来たら、hokkeiということはどうやって簡単になる?また難しいの?

Terima kasih. Saya sangat gembira bila cakap Bahasa Malaysia.

Evet İstabul çok güzel. Üsküdara’a vapura binmeyi seviyorum. Bir gün tekrar gel :slight_smile:

Wow! Very nice, I am wrapping up my first Urban Fantasy novel. No real linguistic focus but i guess I gave some of the characters Turkish names.

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Salam kenal! :slight_smile:

Kalau dari segi tips, untuk kebanyakan daripada bahasa-bahasa ini saya dapatkan tips secara harfiah darpada buku-buku referensi :slight_smile: Tapi untuk bahasa Hawaii dan Malagasy adanya teman-teman partner bahasa yang saling berpraktik sama saya melalui Zoom :slight_smile:

Semoga sehat selalu :: ! Terutama sekali dalam situasi dunia sekarang yang tak terduga :frowning:

Urban Fantasy is becoming one of my favourite genres. i just finished China Miéville’s “The City and The City” which was actually quite amazing, if a little discombobulating :wink:

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こんにちは!初めまして。僕にとっては 中国語 (Mandarin)とHokkienは大きく異なるね。違いは文法と音韻論の点だ。はい、広東語よりも少し複雑だとおもう。’t.,-Thus%2C%20Mandarin%20speakers&text=kann%2C%20kah-,Minnan%20has%20more%20literary%20readings%20that%20are%20different%20whereas%20Cantonese,for%20Mandarin%20speakers%20than%20Minnan.


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:slight_smile: この記事はとても興味深いね。


Hello Wan,

Selamat bertemu kembali :slight_smile:

La ni I doq kat Penang cam biasalah :). Dengaq kata kat KL ada MCO lagi kah?

anyway, please stay safe!


Ada MCO lah sampai 27/10.


Ya lah, baru dapat tau hari ni.

Stay strong and stay safe!