Emails Have Gone Out

Hi everyone! As promised, the emails have now gone out. I also have received one. In the coming minutes, everyone should receive the email from Eventbrite for the Live Environment. If for some reason, you didn’t receive it yet, please check all of your folders, refresh your email, and if a while passes and you haven’t received anything, please write in the comments instead of making a new topic about it. Enjoy the Conference everyone! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The Opening Ceremony will be at 20:00 London time, in the Fun In The Sun section of the Live Environment.


Gracias Miguel ya lo tengo también :+1:t2:

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Thank you so much @MultilingualBronxite!

I have received the mail. I have activated my account and then in the mail it told to visit the to get more details…but I found no details…pls help me this is my dream…

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Hmmm… Can you try to click the link in your email again, and log in? It should then tell you to fill in your account info, and then open up the “universe” to you.

Todavía nada, cariño

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I get to the same page, cannot find the “universe” - can anybody help?

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Dear all, I have not received an email, yet. Are there more people without email and access to the congress platform?

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Have not received the email yet

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At this point, since the users above have posted the link to the Live Environment, can you follow the link and make your profile there? If you haven’t donated yet, you can still donate if you land of Planet Uranus. :wink:

Now I can actually access the live environment but looks like my user profile has been reset?!

I am having trouble logging in from my computer. I have been able to get to the universe page, following the links some of you shared, but when I click on the planets, it asks me to sign in again and then doesn’t recognise my login information. It also says Cannot send email when I try to change my password.


have not received the e-mail yet either

I have donated but I have not received an email so far. My login for the forum doesn’t work.

Hello, I registered today so i was just wondering how long the e-mail with link usually takes after registration. thanks!

the problem is I haven’t got my e-mail, and I did donate :S take your time x

At this point, you can simply follow the link the others posted above for the Live Environment, and create your profile.

I don’t have my email.

How can I create a profile? It says user and password unknown?

@Betsooo @Ron @VanessaSchick

Have you guys received any confirmation emails from the PCG Wordpress site?
I received 2 of them when I registered: one email with login details, and a Welcome email

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