Earth rooms

Are the language exchange rooms still closed? I see only people gathering in the moon room. Who can help me with some advice?


I wanted to talk in Spanish or French, but there was nobody there.

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Yes, I looked around, too. Everywhere I was the only participant and left.
Guido had a look, too, he announced it in the moon room, but hasn’t reported yet.
So, they aren’t closed, there’s just no one. If one person stayed long enough, maybe others would show up as well.


I will be waiting for… let’s say the next 15 minutes in the French room. If anyone is willing to talk, you know where to find me. If French is not your cup of tea, just leave a message and if I am still here, I will try to meet you in another room :slight_smile:

I have an italki lesson soon, but I might join in about 45 min.

I have encountered the same problem as @Heidi : I always was the only particpant in every Earth Room. But I couldn’t get in either. So something is broken or disabled there.

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Hi everyone!

I would also like to benefit from the Earth rooms and practise languages there. Has someone of you time to practise Dutch or any of the three Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Danish or Swedish) with me? I will be available for example on Monday at 8.30 PM European central time.
Looking forward to readi`g your answers.
Thanks for the participation.


Hi, yeah I was wondering about why they’re always empty. I think I’m gonna keep checking the French room or Multilingual Europe/Asian room for the next 3 hours or so. Maybe I’ll see anyone there!

Looks like nobody lives on Earth!


Haha! Yes, only Earthlings without home… :smile:


Works for me - would love to practice Norwegian

I’ve been trying the earth rooms but they are always empty for me too. I’ll be going to Spanish in about 30 minutes if anyone wants to join.

I posted an idea to possibly make this work better, in the #site feedback category.

Great, Sylvia! So, I!m going to fill the form and book the Earth room for tomorrow at 8.30 PM European Central Time. Does it work for you?

If you agree a day and time to meet in the Earth Exchange Rooms, you can make sure you find people. We see people going in and out and just missing each other to really get them going quite often. Please do use this space and PMs to connect with each other to take full advantage of those rooms too. Hope you are enjoying the event otherwise! :slight_smile:


Hi just checked today and the Multilingual Asian room is now gone, was just going to meet up with Korean and Southeast Asian Language speakers there :joy:

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@Sachi I can gladly help you with Spanish.

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Hi guys! :slight_smile:

Remember that you are able to organize language meetings using the Request form located in the Help section of the Live Environment, in the last selection. In the form, just fill out the info as asked, and as long as the time of your meeting isn’t within 24 hours of your request, there’s a good chance that it will be approved. :wink:

If you use Microsoft Edge, the section will not open, so using Google Chrome will be better to open the section to find the form.


Thank you Miguel! Just a bit sad there since there are no rooms for Asian languages other than Mandarin :slight_smile: Hoping Richard will create another room for other Asian languages.


I’m on the lookout for Japanese or Korean rooms. But I think the time difference between Asia and the US can be a barrier.

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