Www.wir-sind-vielsprachig.de Let's participate actively!

    Hi guys!

Yesterday, I held a presentation regarding the website www.wir-sind-vielsprachig.de (We are multilingual). For those of you who were not at the presentation and want to participate, here some info about the website:
What is “wir sind vielsprachig“? **(“We are multilingual”)

On the interactive website www.wir-sind-vielsprachig.de you will find real stories (short

thoughts and observations) about people and their languages and ways of speaking. We ask: What do your languages mean to you? What experience have you had with your ways of speaking?

**What does “Wir sind vielsprachig” (“We are multilingual”) want? **

Sometimes, people are judged by their language or way of speaking by others. This expe-

rience is not always positive. For example, people are perceived as funny, strange or even

stupid. In such cases, the way they speak becomes more important than what they actually

say. That happens not only to certain individuals but to many people: in their daily lives or

at work. Together with you, we want to draw our attention to this subject and to show our

linguistic diversity! The purpose is to gather more than 100 stories and to report about the

subject publicly. Your voice counts!

**How does the website work? **

On the startup page, you see fields in different colours. Clicking on a dark blue field, for example “So witzig, wie du sprichst!” (“It sounds so funny when you speak!”), a real story about this subject opens. In the light blue fields, you will find brief thoughts for further reflection. Under the orange fields, you receive further information. At the top of the page, you will find three icons. Clicking on the house icon will take you back to the startup page. If you click on the four little squares, you will see all the fields from the category “Infos und Impulse” (“Info and thoughts”). Clicking on the person, you will find all fields of the category “Ihre Geschichten” (“Your stories”).

**How to contribute with your story: **

Click on the grey field “Ich” (“I”) and send your story. You may choose the language of your story yourself according to your own preference. You can also send a video link using a trans-fer platform. Having received your link, we will post its URL on our website using our YouTube channel. We try to create a website that is easily accessible: That is why we start with two videos in sign language and a version for blind and visually impaired people. In addition, we pay attention to short and easy sentences. We are looking forward to receiving your story!

The team of the institution Fachstelle Interkulturelle Öffnung wants to encourage more people to publish their stories on this multilingual website. EVERY language is welcome!
The team of our institution and me are looking forward to reading your stories.