Workshop: Personal Development and language-based lifestyle

Announcement for those who wish to attend the PD workshop on Saturday:

Please make sure you show up Germanly on time :clock3:![:smile: By “German punctuality”, I mean no later than 3pm CEST, i.e. 2pm UCT - the “academic quarter” does not apply here !:stuck_out_tongue:There’s gonna be a lot of stuff covered in the first 30 minutes, and since the following modules will build upon each other, it doesn’t make much sense to drop by later.

1st part: Thought shower, self-reflection questions

2nd part: Exchange of experiences

3rd part: Practical takeaways & action plan

4th part: Final thoughts, open Q&A session (optional)

Those who attended the 2020 workshop will find some repetition here but also various topics I haven’t touched upon last year.

Have pen and paper handy or a text document open as you will need your notes for the practical part :pen::memo::computer:The writing can be done in any language you feel comfortable in – I actually encourage you to choose one that is not your mother tongue! At the same time, given the profoundness of some questions, it should be a language you know at an advanced level (B2+). Discussions will be held in English, in order not to exclude anyone.

Contrary to the first announcement on the program page, this event will NOT be recorded. Since the idea is to make this as interactive and inclusive as possible, I expressly asked the team not to record anything, hence, no one should be discouraged from contributing and sharing their thoughts in a “safe environment” :speech_balloon::right_anger_bubble::smiley:

For the whole program, you should plan at least 90 minutes – which is yet a vague estimation since I’m giving this will be my first ever workshop of that kind… Anyways, I don’t want to rush you through the program and also leave some buffer time for any questions and possible discussions, while the last point is, of course, completely optional!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! :smiley:

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