Hi everyone.

How do you learn new words and phrases in your language(s) that have value and that you can use in your life? And how do you get these words to stick?


I tend to look up the word or phrase that I want. From there I practice with emotion and visualization until it “sticks”. Especially new vocabulary, I do my best to have a picture equivalent so when I learn “câine” I don’t have to translate from English, I just know it’s a dog. I don’t do anything particularly fancy, I just find that if there’s a phrase I know I will use a lot, I want to practice it as much as possible.

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Well, I think this would depend on your learning style and the materials you access. However, to help you start and regardless of your learning style, you might want to write down the most frequent phrases you use on a daily basis in your mother tongue. Then, translate, memorize and finally use them.


As salaam alaikum
Hello to everyone/hola a todos/ مرحبا بكم/大家好

There are many memorizing technics threw different ways through the target language and mnemonics with it or without. This is one of many youtube channels about memory.

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