Will presentations be available for later viewing?

I will be spending the next two weeks in a location without access to internet, and I am afraid that I won’t be able to access the presentations once the conference is done. Will the presentations be put on YouTube, or another place where we can access them when everything is finished? I really hope so! :disappointed:

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Yes, as after every Conference, the presentations will be uploaded to YouTube one by one, so if you miss out on anything, you can watch them later on YouTube. Richard will later announce the timeline for the uploads :slight_smile:


But… Aren’t they on YouTube already? Every time I mark something as “watch later”, I get a message, that the video has been saved to my YouTube account and I checked yesterday, the videos all show up in my library marked as “watch later”

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They are, but I don’t think they’ve announced when they plan to make them public.

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For those that didn’t get to watch the closing ceremony, the presentations will remain available for the next two weeks as well as the practice exchange rooms. The moon cafe, venus room, and forum will all be here to stay!


They are “non-listed” videos which mean you can see them and share their link but you can’t find them listed on the public YouTube account or find them through the search bar.


Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

They could set them to private before releasing them publicly though. Then it won’t matter, if you have the link.

I have marked some videos to “watch later”, but where do I find them now? Where must I look to see them? Where is “my library”?

Those are the screenshots from my phone. In the bottom right corner is the “Library” and there you can find a section called “Watch later” … I think it might look a bit different on a computer but I’m sure it’s there somewhere :wink:

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For the next 2 weeks, the Saturn Theatre is still open to watch the videos, so if you were like me and hung out in language rooms, you still have a chance to watch presentations :slight_smile:

Rina, thank you very much. I appreciate it a lot.

Greetings from South Africa.

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You’re welcome, hope I could help you :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks, you did help me. It is appreciated.