Where can I find good learning materials for Albanian?

I’ve just decided that I would like to learn Albanian, but I don’t seem to find any good resources. I bought a Pimsleur course but it barely helped, and now I’m stuck. Please help

Hopefully you will see this message. I have a lot of little-known Albanian materials, including hard-to-find audio. Maybe it’s too late and this forum is no longer active. I am happy to share online. Please go and find Albanian and Helen Abadzi’s materials at www.fsi-languages-yojik.eu. You can also write me a message, my university and good mail are everywhere on the web.

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Thank you, I really appreciate it, I was able to find the webpage, and subsequently the materials. Once again, thank you for your help.

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For some basics with mp3, you can also check out: https://www.50languages.com/phrasebook/en/sq/