What are your favorite YouTube language channels?

French: Johan Tekfak (Français Authentique)

Italian: Lucrezia Oddone (Learn Italian with Lucrezia)

English: Gideon (LetThemTalk)

Interlingua: Marcus Scriptor

Linguistics: Paul (Langfocus)




I like Johan’s channel a lot as well. :slight_smile:

If it is just for learning a particular language (instead of language learning/methods/polyglottery), here are some of my current favourites that I use regularly:

For Mandarin Chinese (my Top 5 in random order):
学中文Free To Learn
Everyday Chinese(天天汉语)
Grace Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Corner

For Latin: Luke Rainieri (ScorpioMartianus)

For Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic): Gàidhlig Gu Leòr


Dankjewel RonP en groetjes uit sjoen Mestreech.

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Brazilian Portuguese: Speaking Brazilian with Virginia Langhammer
Cantonese (HK/Canadian): Cantonese with Brittany
Street interviews in various languages: Easy Languages
Samples of various languages: Wikitongues


Hallo - anderer - Ron!

Ich komme ursprünglich aus Margraten. Wohnst du denn jetzt in ‘Mestreech’ oder in der nähe? In Maastricht gibt es ja genug Möglichkeiten um jeden Tag verschiedene Sprachen zu hören oder zu üben (mit oder ohne ein gutes Bier). Kannst du dann auch das dort gesprochene Limburgisch verstehen? :slight_smile:

Hallo Ron. Ich bin Deutscher und arbeite nun schon seit 18 Jahren in den Niederlanden. Anfangs wohnte ich in Aachen (und fuhr jeden Tag durch Margraten) aber seit 8 Jahren habe ich ein Haus in Maastricht. Es ist eine wunderbare Umgebung für Sprach begeisterte Leute. Ich kann Limburgisch meist gut verstehen aber spreche es nicht aktiv. In der Familie sprechen wir Deutsch und Niederländisch. Englisch benutze ich regelmäßig. Afrikaans spreche ich noch nicht aktiv aber ich lese Bücher und höre Audiobooks, meist von dem südafrikanischen Schriftsteller Deon Meyer. Mein Fokus als lernender Autodidakt ist derzeit auf Französisch und Italienisch gerichtet. Du hast ja ein beeindruckendes Spektrum an Sprachen aus verschiedenen Weltregionen. Interessant, dass du auch Scots und Gälisch lernst. Da gibt es sicher nicht so viel Material. Wie studierst du diese Sprachen? Ich bin neugierig, mehr van Corsisch zu erfahren. Ich wünsche dir eine gute Polyglot Conference, viele nette Chats und sprachliche Weiterentwicklung.


Lieber Ron, das hört sich ja gut an und ich wünsche dir dasselbe! Ich mag die Sprachen (und die Leute) sehr und war immer schon neugierig und Sprachbegeistert (das ist doch ja ein so schönes, wunderbares Wort auf Deutsch). Für Gälisch (Gàidhlig und Gaeilge) gibt es genügend Material (Teach Yourself, Colloquial, Linguaphone; verschiedene Webseiten, zum Beispiel LearnGaelic für Gàidhlig), aber für ‘Scots’ muss mann sich etwas mehr Mühe geben (ein guter Startpunkt wäre: The Scots Language Centre). Viel Spaß beim Lernen!


I don’t see any Japanese or Spanish here, so I’ll throw in my recommendations. :slight_smile:

Japanese Ammo with Misa: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBSyd8tXJoEJKIXfrwkPdbA
Highly grammar focused with full explanations in English, lots of examples and slow and natural speed speech.

三本塾Sambon Juku: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ujXryUUwILURRKt9Eh7Nw
Straightforward grammar, often with a focus on the JLPT. He always speaks Japanese, but English subtitles are available at lower levels.

Japanese by Chunking: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClJ3znPvtaV1bjwRdzGJ_Ng
I only recently discovered him thanks to Lindie Botes. He works with set phrases for various situations and for the N3 and N2 levels of the JLPT.

For Spanish, I particularly love Practiquemos by Catalina Moreno E.: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVMjfqNdDN-MoH0LRjZUFkA
She focuses most of her videos on (Latin) Spanish grammar. She also reminds me of my middle school Spanish teacher, whom I adored. :relaxed:


I really enjoy a few language focused channels:




I watch a number of other channels in my target languages, but they aren’t aimed at teaching.


Español con Maria (Columbia)

Ale Ivanova (originally from Russia, lived in Mexico, then moved back to Russia)

LearnAmo (from Bari)

Italian with Lucrezia (from Rome)

Amazing Russian (Olga Jarrell)

Russian with Max (currently lives in St. Petersburg)

Anna Cher: Russian from the Heart

Bună PinAngel! I am also learining Romanian and I’m finding it difficult to find good online resources. What other web sites do you use? Do you have a fav Rom-Eng online dictionary? Do you know of any Romanian children’s programs that aren’t too terribly boring for adult learners?

Romanian dictionaries

All good questions. Este foarte dificil de găsit material bun.
I only use Google Translate and Nice Translator as my online dictionaries. I tried to find children’s cartoons, but the one I found didn’t have much speaking, it was more like the Coyote/Roadrunner cartoons. I managed to find an adult cartoon called Robotzi by The Creative Monkeyz that I enjoy very much. I also watch George Bonea, because he’s very funny and during his short videos he has subtitles. I’ll link all the channels I watch on YouTube in Romanian, they are a delight and I can, at least, get in listening practice. I’m also trying to find a good tutor on Italki, but my money is a little tight.
I purchased the book Learn Romanian with Nicole, it’s from the channel I mentioned, and it has good grammar exercises.
Here’s the channels I follow:


I’ve recently been watching ElysseSpeaks channel and I’ve really liked it, she’s so nice and her videos are so interesting.


Wow mulțumesc frumos! I’ll check these out! I can also recommend Rolang school if you are ever in Romania. Now they are having classes online, not sure about the price, though, and you want to be in a compatible time zone.

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My all-time favourite for Japanese (surprised he hasn’t come up yet): Dogen


Mulțumesc mult. I’ll check them out.

I’m the only one who’s posted Japanese, so I guess that’s a call-out. :laughing: Dogen seems like he would be wonderful to watch. Unfortunately, he’s locked his stuff behind Patreon, which hasn’t broadened beyond the two go-to payment methods in the U.S.

Haha sorry, guess I didn’t look that closely :smile:
That’s true, I’m actually considering being a patreon, because pronunciation is so important and he explains so well. But most of his yt videos alone are just so funny to watch (in a loop :grinning: )

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Go for it! If he had any other means of distributing or selling his work, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate.