Virtual Walking Tour of Penang, Malaysia 7th/8th October

Greetings fellow polyglots! I’m planning on organising a casual virtual walking tour of multilingual George Town, Penang, Malaysia on Sunday morning, 8th October at:

10am Kuala Lumpur / Singapore / Taipei / Beijing
11am Tokyo
10pm (Saturday night, 7th October) New York
3am London
4am Paris / Berlin / Budapest
5am Istanbul

I’ll likely call in from the Moon Cafe, but will reconfirm in a couple of days’ time :slight_smile: Come join in for a walk around my hometown!

looking forward to seeing you all very soon!


Would you like this in the programme?

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Oh, if there’s room, definitely yes!

I’ve just added it using the “Propose your own event” form on the Programme page.

Terima kasih, Richard!


8th October at 3am London / 10am Kuala Lumpur

Looking forward to it!

Some of the more common languages you’ll hear on the streets would be Penang Hokkien, Malay, Tamil, English as well as a few other Chinese languages like Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew and Hainanese. Increasingly there are more and more guest workers from Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh so you might even hear Burmese, Nepali and Bengali !