Viewing Parties?

Does anyone have ideas about how to set up viewing parties for these videos? I guess it is a bit hard to figure out logistics without knowing the details on how we view videos yet. I was just wondering what kinds of ideas there are? Or if the staff has any recommendations?


Have you received the email for the link to the live environment? You can arrange with other participants to view videos together in the live environment once you’ve got the email to the link for the live environment. I haven’t gotten the mail yet though, still waiting

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Thanks, @Jinyoung – I haven’t received the link yet, but my understanding is that those go out at 20h00 London time, which is not for several more hours. But all of that may be wrong as I am trying to assemble all this information from multiple sources. :slight_smile:

If it’s organizable within the application, that is pretty cool. I hope that’s the case :joy:

hello jinyoung do you receive a email or link today?

I’m glad I have access to the videos now, but I’m still curious if anyone has any recommendations about how to do a viewing party given how the videos are set up. I may just open a google hangout with friends, put it on mute, and type with them while we all watch the video at the same time? not sure.

Anyone have better ideas?

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I wanted to follow up on this for people: I just had a viewing party with some friends where we watched with this application:

It allows you to pick a YouTube video (like all of these conference vids are) and synchronize them playing for everyone, with text chatting on the side.

It worked out very well for us, and afterwards we jumped into a google meet to discuss the presentations we watched.

I hope that helps people have a more communal experience :upside_down_face:


That sounds like a good method; I’m going to try it.

I just met with some friends on Zoom, and one shared her screen and audio while playing the video. We chatted in the Zoom chat on the side.