uTalk x LangFest Quiz prize winner announcement!

Hi everyone!

Tetsu, Brian Loo and I will be hosting a kahoot quiz on Indigenous languages of South America in Fun in the Sun from 2pm - 3pm London time TODAY - and we have some awesome prizes for you to win!

It would be amazing to see you there :smiley:


Trying to get in too

Congrats to all of our prize winners today!

Special shout out to Audrey who bagged the highest score (8827 points!) winning our daily bonus prizeof $10 of italki credits!! :smiley:

We’ll be announcing more prizes donated by some of the other conference sponsors during our quiz tomorrow so make sure you come along again tomorrow at the later time of 10pm London time to find out more, and see if you can bag the top spot!

See you tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that the next Quiz will take place today in Fun in the Sun at 10pm London time, and we have some more great prizes to be won!

Today’s topic is Indigenous languages of North America and we will also be joined by Avishta from the Lingua Cultura Experience :smiley:

Can’t wait to see you all soon!

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Thanks everyone for coming to our quiz yesterday, it was great to see so many of you there!

For those of you who missed our grand prize announcement, our top 3 highest scorers (which we’ll announce next weekend after our final quiz) will win:

FIRST PRIZE: Assimil “with ease” book, $20 of italki credits & lifetime subscription to all languages on uTalk

SECOND PRIZE: a month of Clozemaster Pro, $10 of italki credits, ten uTalk languages for life

THIRD PRIZE: five uTalk languages for life

Remember, you have to be in it to win it - so we’ll see you all at our next “Quiz en español” later on today (10pm London time!)

Don’t forget we also have some great daily prizes to be won:

The overall top scorer of each day will win $10 of italki credits, plus each top 3 scorers of each round will win:

FIRST PRIZE: 800 uCoins = 20 topics on the uTalk app (any language(s) of your choice!)

SECOND PRIZE: 600 uCoins = 15 topics on the uTalk app (any language(s) of your choice!)

THIRD PRIZE: 400 uCoins = 10 topics on the uTalk app (any language(s) of your choice!)

If you have won but haven’t claimed your prize yet don’t forget to message me at languages@utalk.com

Charlotte, Tetsu and I look forward to seeing you later on :smiley:

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Who were the top scorers for yesterday and the day before?

Hi Waan,

진영 Jinyoung was our number one top scorer yesterday for our Indigenous Languages of Europe quiz and DoughnutsForAll bagged the top spot the day before for our Indigenous Languages of North America quiz!

Good luck for our Quiz en español happening later on today at 10pm London time!

Congrats to our prize winners from our Spanish Quiz yesterday, it was great to see so many of you there!

If you came in the top 3 during any of our rounds yesterday don’t forget to email me at languages@utalk.com to claim your prize! :wink:

Pobrecito bagged the top spot yesterday with an incredible 9005 kahoot points winning the daily $10 of italki credits - congrats! :smiley:

Join us today at 2pm London time for more chances to win - today’s quiz theme is Indigenous Languages of Africa.

See you soon! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

Looking forward to seeing you in Fun in the Sun at 10pm London time this evening for our quiz on Indigenous Languages of Asia!

Today we will be joined by special guest and uTalk CEO Dick Howeson. :slight_smile:

See you there!

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Is there a quiz on Oceanic languages today?

Yep, we’re just waiting to get in! :slight_smile:

Prize winners announcement!

Massive congratulations to Jinyoung, Pobrecito and Audrey who bagged the top 3 spots from our series of uTalk x LangFest quizzes!

In case you missed the announcement during the closing ceremony the prizes are:

  1. Jinyoung (9362 points): lifetime subscription to all uTalk languages; $20 italki credits; one Assimil with Ease product of their choice

  2. Pobrecito (9005 points): 10 uTalk languages for life; $10 italki credits; one free month of Clozemaster Pro

  3. Audrey (8827 points): 5 uTalk languages for life

Don’t forget to message me at languages@utalk.com to claim your prizes :wink:

See you in Cholula for another epic quiz and some more amazing prizes! :smiley:

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