uTalk Quiz on Slavic languages today

Hi everyone,

uTalk and LangFest are running a quiz on Slavic languages in 2 hours time - would be great to see you there :slight_smile:

Sign up for the quiz here: https://bit.ly/Quiz21-22

As usual there are prizes up for grabs and laughs guaranteed!

See you there,

Charlotte, Emily and Tetsu


Thanks Emily, I seem to have missed this one but will the other quizzes on that link (in December, January etc.) be the same - i.e. on Slavic languages, or will each one have a different topic?


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Hey DJ, we missed you too!

Don’t worry you can catch up on the live stream video on the Polyglot Conference, LangFest and uTalk facebook pages :wink:

Each quiz will have a different theme, and the next one will be on 17 December at 2pm UK time. (Aside from next month each quiz will be on the final Friday of every month).

Hope to see you then :smiley:

Thanks, each quiz will be one hour, right?

Yep, always from 2-3pm UK time!

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I missed it as well, I was out wayyy tooo early :confused:

it seems I will gain even more uCoins than yesterday!
#MatiasHYPIA is BACK!