Unclear times on the schedule

Not sure if it’s a problem for people in every time zone, but I see a number of events that are listed as ‘13:00 am’, as well as a number of events that are not in chronological order on the schedule. I think for most events it’s fairly clear what time they are on, but there are some that I am confused about.
Here’s a screenshot.

Thank you!


I’m having the same problem (since we have the same time zone😂) I tried to change my time zone on my laptop to London time and it turns out that all the 13:00 am are 1:00 am KST/JST


Can second this. I’m in EDT and some of the practices show up at 12am for me, but for people in CST it shows up as 6pm (12pm EDT). It’s a good thing I clarified with Europeans; otherwise I would have ended up waiting at midnight for people to come to a nonexistent practise. :sweat_smile:


I felt the same when I saw time using both the 24 hours system as well as the am/pm style.I guess using only ONE would make more sense.