Ukranian polyglots & Conflict in Ukraine

This morning…
I woke up to the sun shinning through my window,
the comfort of my house and home-office and the views of a peaceful garden…
Life continues as usual, birds singing, new blades of grass growing and the winter flowering bulbs burst into life with happy daffodils bathing in the sun and Hyacinths diffusing their perfume into the wintry air.
I should be happy but my heart is torn…
Because also this morning… one of our friends woke up to a very different situation,
Saddly it wasn’t birds but the sound of missiles from the Russian invasion of Kiev that woke up Olena, who would normally be teaching school children today in the city of Kiev,
children who now may… or may not have a future.
Their life and their family’s hanging by a thread… A thread I wish I could embroider into a a strong weave of love and safety with many years ahead of language learning together.
I think I speak for most of us when I say we send our LOVE to all of you and PRAY for your safety and your family’s.



For all polyglots that have links to Ukraine, Please spread the word of our endeavor to support the Ukrainian children!

We are working with multiple volunteers to translate our digital library of picture books and make them available to read for free:

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