Turkish Language Practice @ Venus Room

Hey everyone! I thought about setting some specific time(s) for Turkish practice starting next week. We can have one or two sessions at Venus Room. Please tell me the best suitable hours for you on London time zone.

:sparkles: I am busy on wednesdays!

Currently those hours are available at Venus :arrow_forward: here


writing again to make the thread go up on the list :slight_smile:

tagging people who would be interested but not seen the thread @Jolien @Jessica_J-R @BrianLoo1 @hoopstats @Abril

Hi Linda, sorry, I didn’t see this earlier. I am, of course, really interested. For me, Monday or Thursday after 6 pm GMT would be best. I hope we can find enough people who are interested. Maybe @Alanood and @gokurakuchouka, or maybe we should write something in the Turkish practice thread as well so people can see it.


I am not sure if @CHALO would also be interested in Turkish? As for me, I like Turkish, but am currently focussing on some other languages. I might drop by for some listening practice, if okay, at times. :relieved:


monday 7pm gmt would work for me

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okay, monday 7pm gmt then ^^

Great, that will be 20 CET then. So, we are starting today, right. I will be there. @RonP It looks like we aren’t that many, yet, and the level is not that high (other than Linda’s, of course), so if you wanted to join and speak a little as well that would be great. @CHALO I’ll see you tonight. I hope a few others will want to join.


Hi Miriam! Thanks, I will see how I go with the kids tonight. :slight_smile:

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@Miri I am also interested in the Turkish language practice on Monday at 20:00 h CET, as far as I don’t have my language course in the city. In November it’s favourable for online activities, as our VHS is closed due to “lockdown light”.


Awesome, I will try and prepare a couple of fairly easy questions to get us talking next time.

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Thank you so much for tagging me in this thread and sorry for the late reply!

If I understand this correctly, I might not be able to join on Mondays at this time, because I would be working…

Hopefully if you guys add another session somewhere I might be able to join =)


Every Monday from 7 pm UTC/GMT - 8 pm UTC/GMT

It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate speakers of Turkish

Guided by Miriam and Linda @Miri @liaands