Topic chat: Using Notion as your Personal Language Learning Library and Workspace

I’ll be doing a demo and chat this Tuesday October 19 at 16:00 New York time in one of the Venus rooms on how I have been using the browser and mobile app Notion to organize my languge resources and projects, vocabulary, notes, do my language work in, keep track of my daily and monthly language work, and more.

I’ve been using it extensively since February of this year for my Irish learning, and am starting to use it for my Russian as well.

I’ll be giving folks a short tour of my personal language Notion space, talking about how I set it up and continue to tweak it, as well as mention a couple of other folks who have used Notion creatively for their language work.

This is part of the Langfest Topic Activities listed at
Hope you can join me then.


This is exactly what I’d been starting to do as well (and planning to continue with)

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I love it…it’s SO customizable. Maybe I’ll see you then. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone that came to today’s topic share and hope my messy browser didn’t scare you all too much! :wink:
If you have any questions about how I set things up with my language workspaces or are interested in the Notion template for my Language Tracking Calendar, just contact me via Instagram at @sadelleinvt or Twitter at @sadiavt