Hi I’m Rafael, does anybody know where we can see our ticket? I placed my order but I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you.

I think you can find it under the Polyglot Conference Global Q&A category and under ‘About the Polyglot Conference’. You’ll find the link I added below there and other info about the conference!

That is how I was able to get my ticket. I hope this works for you too and welcome to the conference!

Do check your email. It might have gone into the Spam box

If you have successfully bought your ticket, you would’ve received an order confirmation event email in which it says you’ve got tickets. However, the link to the live environment where all the talks, presentations and events will be taking place is not found on the email. Another email with the link will be sent out prior to Friday’s conference (which I believe it has not been sent out yet).

BTW, has anyone received the email with the link to the live environment yet?

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Yes, we assume that you went to Eventbrite for the ticket to the PCG Live Environment. As it was said, you should get a confirmation email saying that you made this order, but the link to the Live Environment should be sent to you either late Thursday or early Friday before its launch, with the email you used for the Eventbrite process. Make sure to search in all of your folders before reporting an issue

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No , not yet, they told me per email they would send further details in the coming days .

Hi, I cannot even pay! I’ve tried on Friday and just a second ago. At first I thought it might be popularity issue (server overload), everyone wanting to log in/pay at the same time, but now I’m having second thoughts. It goes as far as confirming the credit card number and the 3 digit security code cvv, and it does not copy the cc number and all the other details from gpay it simply freezes and does not proceed any further. I’ve used this card before with different services in my home country and abroad and there were no issues. No idea what’s going on :thinking:
Can’t we just wire you directly? And get the link, since that second part seems to be problematic as well? I know it’s a new situation for all of us, but still I’d like to attend and it seems to me it’s close to impossible :frowning:

Hi Giovanna!

Did you try different browsers for the Eventbrite site?
If that doesn’t work, you can send an email to polyglotconference(at)gmail(dot) com
and let us know the continued issues.