There's no French italki practice

It’s upsetting :frowning: Why not a French practice too?

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my guess that there isnt an italki for French because there is an exchange room for French

There is another thread here by @JimLeu_italki (it’s called: Italki Teacher-Led Language Practice Rooms) explaining that you can ask your teachers if they’re willing to contribute with a practice session. If so they can sign up for their own practice sessions for whichever language they offer :slight_smile:

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There are language practice rooms going on in Earth Exchange 24/7 - just isn’t critical mass most of the time.

The italki led Practice Rooms are led by italki teachers who volunteer their time to lead a practice session at a set date/time.

Most of the teachers who have initially agreed to donate their time are those that have create Talks (check out their talks in Saturn Theater) and are African and Minority languages that need a leader to teach.

But yes, if there are italki teachers who are at the conference, you can volunteer your time and get exposure by leading a language practice room at a set date and time.


@Feza I would love someone to practise French with - I am a very slow A1, but if you are interested, we can meet in the French room sometime?

I was thinking it might be a good idea to put a thread up in the Forum to ask other people to come and practise with me.

Yes Sylvia but as it was supposed to be in Cholula

Yes, anyone can practice speaking in the Earth Exchange Language Practice rooms - the only difference with the italki Teacher-Led Practice Rooms are that they are italki Teachers who are used to giving online lessons and have a bit more experience in leading and have gone ahead and volutenteered their time.

This was the first time we did this as a group lesson (as italki lessons are usually just one on one) so we just wanted to see how it would go.

If there are italki Teachers that lead a Language Practice room, they get the exposure in exchange for their time leading the practice session.