The same people occupying the Venus Room when there is regular German Discussion scheduled

We have got the Room Schedule for the Venus Room, and I have experienced several times that this room is occupied (always by the same people, I could name them) when there is a group dicussion scheduled which should take place every week at the same hours.

What’s to be done about it?


Hi Jolien!

On which day is this happening? Can I have more details on the day? I know that there are German meetings on multiple days.

Hi Miguel @MultilingualBronxite

I experienced thet occupied Venus Room on Wednesday evening (CET Berlin time).
Today on Thrursday there will be another German discussion at 5 pm GMT, I will have to see, if then the Venus Room is free.


Hmmm…it’s strange. I see on the schedule that 2 hours before the German schedule on Wednesdays is the Spanish meeting, but with the amount of people who are active on this website these days, it couldn’t be that they would stay so long to chat. It could also be that the Moon Cafe had issues on those days and they went to the Venus Room. Sorry about that, it should be clear that there’s German meetings at that time in the Venus Room on Wednesdays, for 2 hours. :slight_smile: