Talking with other polyglots

When you enter into a room full of polyglots, how does your mind decide which language to start speaking in?


I don’t know. I never knew :crazy_face:


I’ve never really had the opportunity to be in a room with other polyglots before. Usually, I do my best to know which language is being spoken in the group and adjust accordingly. I’m interested to hear how others approach the situation, though.


As long as I know the language that is used, I keep switching between them. Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak Polish, English and French with the same person throughout the day during different sessions. Both of us felt it was quite funny to do it that way.


If I’m unsure what language to speak, then I just ask the person (in whatever language I’m hearing in the room) which language that person would prefer that we use. Some people are fine with any language they speak; others are more comfortable with particular languages that they speak.

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