Taiwanese/Minnan/Hokkien 台灣話/閩南/福建 Language Exchange

Is anyone interested in a Taiwanese/Minnan/Hokkien (台灣話/閩南/福建) Language Exchange?


That would be great!


Jinyoung, thank you for replying to my post. If more people are interested, I will propose this to the conference organizers.

I am in too, if the timing is not too late

@Jinyoung @Waan (and anyone else paying attention to this discussion) Which time zones are you in and what times do you prefer?

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I am in South Korea UTC +9

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Bangkok, Thailand UTC+7

Yoooo let me know if this works out, i’ll defo try to be there
I’m in the UK

OK. I will probably schedule it for Wednesday at 7 AM in Washington DC, 8 PM in South Korea, 6 PM in Thailand, and 12 noon in the UK.

For others who might be interested but can’t make it, if there are enough of you we can schedule a 2nd language exchange.

There are now 2 slots for Taiwanese language exchange on the programme :tada:

5 Oct (Wed) :

12 noon (UK time) - Earth Exchange 2
2pm (UK time) - Earth Exchange 2

有興趣的朋友,屆時一起來練習臺語哦~ :relaxed:


I will be there if I am free

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I just got an e-mail confirming the Taiwanese language exchange on 10/5 (Wednesday) at 7 AM (Eastern USA)/12 noon (UK)/ 6 PM (Thailand) / 7 PM (Tiaiwan) / 8 PM (Korea) the Earth Exchange 2.

I’m curious, who scheduled the 2nd session? I’ll guess well have two opportunities to practice Taiwanese. I can’t make it to the 2nd session because I have to go to work.


Hoan-geng si­uN beh lian-sip Tai-gi e kap siuN beh thiaN Tai-gi e peng-iu lai cham-khha Tai-gi e kau-oaN

We welcome all who are interested in practicing Taiwanese (or just listening) to come to our Taiwanese language exchanges.


Thanks to all who came to the 1st Taiwanese language exchange. It was great to speak Taiwanese with some of you and to meet others who just wanted to listen in. I think we had about 7 people show up.

There will be a 2nd one in another hour:

9 AM (Eastern USA)
2 PM (UK)
9 PM (Taiwan)
10 PM (Japan/Korea)

Have fun!

Did anyone attend the 2nd session?

Last year, we had a Taiwanese/Minnan/Hokkien language exchange. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll propose one for this week. Please let me know which time zone you’re in.

Hi Fred, not sure if it was you who propsed the slots but I just saw 3 slots for Taiwanese/Minnan language exchange…


I’m glad to see the language exchanges in the program. I actually didn’t propose them. I just asked the question 10 hours ago and wanted to see who would respond, but I guess someone went ahead with proposing them.