Steve Kaufmann's LingQ

Does anyone know when Steve is going to have his presentation? By the way Do You use LingQ? It is my favorite app!


I use it too! I’ll be laying in bed reading for a few hours everyday. As for Steve’s presentation, I was wonder this as well. I know all the presentations are prerecorded but I haven’t found it.

Just go to the Saturn theatre, there are all the presentations.
But I had a look at them yesterday, and I don’t remember having seen Steve’s. Anyway, just check it out.

Exactly, that is why I am asking. I did not find Steve there :neutral_face:

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It’s there now… I know there was an issue with presentations temporarily disappearing. Just search for Steve.

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You can find it in the section “Education”.

I recently tweeted the following Using LingQ 5.0 in Beta. Still a ways to go. Once complete we’ll likely add some of the following. Content being developed. Stay tuned.


Taking longer than expected. I’m testing Beta now and we will soon expand Beta group. Contact support if you want to be a Beta tester. We only accept nice people who don’t complain. We require three testimonials of niceness!!


I’ve been making incredible progress thanks to the SBS Mandarin podcasts on Lingq. I’ve been trying to sort of DIY the Lingq system for my Vietnamese learning with great results, though the DIY part takes a bit of extra time. So I can’t wait for the Vietnamese addition and be able to just import my Vietnamese content there!

I will also take a look at Vietnamese once we get it up at LingQ. But first we have to complete the LingQ 5.0 build.

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Speaking of Learners helping learners learn, I wrote about how I made my own LingQ type materials for Vietnamese by copying the hard (non CC) subtitles on videos that interest me, here on the forum: How do you work with podcasts in your language studies?
By the time 5.0 comes out, I’ll have made more for myself. If there’s interest when the time comes, I’d be happy to share the transcripts I made of YouTube videos with other LingQ users looking for Southern accent resources, provided the groups producing these videos are OK with it.
The copying subtitles part turned out to be a useful learning exercise for me (forced to notice things!), but it is time consuming. I’ll have to try and see how accurate Happy Scribe comes out in Vietnamese with these videos.
All the best with the 5.0 project.

I would love to have opportunity to help you. It would be a privilege to be a tester :grinning:

Great. It’s not up to me but could I ask you to email support@lingq. Thanks.

Hi Steve, if you need some help with Luxembourgish, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

Hi Carine and thanks. Apparently our mini-stories have been translated and recorded in Luxembourgish. Once we complete the current rewrite of LingQ (LingQ 5.0) we will launch new languages although not all at once. This includes Luxembourgish. The more content we can get the better. Any thing you can provide, monologues, dialogues, podcasts, radio programs etc. will be greatly appreciated. BTW the new languages we are likely to launch later this year include the following. Note that we require all 60 mini-stories to be complete in order to launch a language. If our Luxembourgish volunteers have stopped, would you be able to complete. My email is
Here’s the status of languages:
Georgian - all 60 stories done
Hindi - 20 stories done, all 60 should be taken care of, work in progress
Icelandic - all 60 translated, waiting for audio
Lithuanian - al 60 stories done
Latvian - 10 stories done
Luxembourgish - 45 stories done
Swahili - 20 stories done
Tagalog - all 60 stories done
Urdu - all 60 stories done
Thai - 20 stories done
Vietnamese - 25 stories done