Spanish for a week

Hello everyone. I’m only going to be speaking Spanish for a week starting tomorrow. I guess the fun part of learning a language is when you do challenges like these. It gives you a chance to practice, see how much you know, and just have a fun time talking with the people you know who also speak that language. I’m really exited for this and I think it’ll be fun. If you don’t speak Spanish then I guess I’ll talk to you next week. If you do speak Spanish and you want to talk then you can find me in the Lunar café. I should be there more often now. If anyone has advice or wants to join me in this then you can go ahead and tell me. I hope everyone is doing well and have a great day!


¡Buena suerte! Español es un idioma maravilloso. Yo no hablo cada día, pero es un buen idea.

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that’s pretty interesting grant :smiley: