Sorting Through "Speakers" (once videos are live)

Some of the presentations listed on the conference’s “speakers” page have me very excited for the official start next week!

But the list is getting amazingly long… As I understand it, they will all be made available at once; is that correct? It’s a little overwhelming. :sweat_smile:

Will there be anyway to sort or create a filtered view of topics by category? Will we be able to search by hashtag or language spoken, for example?


I wanted to ask this too. Thank you @Rachel for asking! :blush: I have lost count on the number of talks that I’m interested in, it’s getting longer and longer.

Can I also know when, where and how can we access the talks once they are released? I’m a little confused regarding this too. Can any admin advise on this too? Thank you!


Hi everyone! Sorry for my question but am a newbie here. How do you sign up for any such talks? And how do you access each. I went to the link provided in this thread and registered but didnt find any further info on how to attend those talks later this month.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Greetings, Zeina! As I understand it, the talks will all be released by video at once when the conference officially starts next week. I expect the announcement will be on the forums somewhere, though the conference already has a YouTube channel to which you can subscribe. I think I’ve read there will be viewing parties as well, where we have the chance to interact with other members while watching at the same time. I’m not sure of the logistics myself.


Rachel thank you for your time and response! You are too kind.

I will make sure to check out the YouTube channel/videos. I am hoping there will be at least some kind of moderating/filtering function for all those talks though. Or else I am not sure how we will be following all these talks at once LOL.


Hi everyone!

As Richard Simcott has mentioned in each of his live chats every 2 Sundays regarding the Conference, a new, hidden part of the forum will open next Friday, the 16th. Everyone that has answered “Yes” to the question “Participating in the Polyglot Conference Global?” will have access to this new area of the forum, where all of the videos of the talks will be found.

Participants have the option of hosting viewing parties to gather members together and discuss the presentations, as well as ask the presenters any questions regarding the talks. There’s also the option of just binge-watching the talks yourself :wink: I believe that you could either scroll though the part of the forum for the video you wish to watch, check through the 5 themes of this year’s Conference Global, or use the search tab for the presenter. We’ll see soon enough. Let me know if you have any more questions. :slight_smile:


Hey Miguel. I really appreciate the clarification.

I might point out that starting with “as Richard mentioned in his videos…” Comes across as rather passive aggressive. Maybe instead it would be good to take this opportunity to recognize that clearly a lot of people have not had the time to watch the videos. Clearly a lot of people haven’t been able to find the information around the schedule. It would be nice if this were addressed on the website, if not in some sort of “Schedule” section that is easy to find, at least in the FAQ. I personally scoured the whole site and eventually the forums to find this answer, and I know a lot of people who are interested in participating but don’t know if that means they need to request time away from work, etc. It would be really helpful if you put more details on the website. And it would help YOU all ensure there are more people participating.

Thanks :+1:


Ah, so I’m not the only one who thought this, lol. :sweat_smile: The only reason I knew about at least one such video was because it popped up on my recommendations only recently in YouTube. If there’s been anything posted in this forum about it, it hasn’t come to my notifications, and I very honestly don’t remember seeing anything about them or where to watch for more information when I first signed up to the forums.

It’s a strange situation: the world is half-shut down for a global pandemic and people are scrambling to cope and trying new things. I think it’s helpful to take a designer’s approach and remember that what the designer might think is a perfectly acceptable construction (be it layout or a game or a system of communication) might well break down upon the first test with other human beings.

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Hi Alexander.

I totally didn’t mean to sound like that, but this is the Internet, and it’s difficult to tell tone with what people say sometimes, as I also have trouble with it. I say this simply because it’s his event that he and his team are organizing. He announces updates in his social media because that’s how all of us found out about everything happening with the Conference, knowing how powerful social media is nowadays. He also did say and recognize that some people do not use social media and that somehow they still find out about the live Conference or know about this event.

Regarding a schedule, you may have to be specific about the type of schedule you are asking about. If it’s about a schedule of video presentations, it has been mentioned that everything will be revealed to us all starting on Friday, and everyone can decide their own schedule to watch each presentation throughout the 10 days. If it’s about the Live Environment, which is where we all will be able to practice our languages and join in many activities, there will be a schedule of language rooms led by Italki teachers that will be revealed on Friday, as well as the other activities, and, volunteer or member-led chatrooms, which participants can start requesting for times also starting Friday, when the Live Environment is launched. Because it’s a Global event, something will be going on for 24 hours throughout the 10 days, so after one finishes work, they can simply join in the Live Environment or watch a presentation in the forum.

I’m not one of the people working with developing the Live Environment, so I have my own questions about it, but we’ll all know how it will work starting on Friday. Everyone is extremely busy putting everything together for this online experience, and we’re all new to this, but we all wish to make sure that this will be a successful event. Please bear with all of us. :slight_smile:


Hey Miguel, thanks for your post. You cleared out my about to be question of how are people going to organize or join language rooms

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I have some ideas for it, but even I don’t know how the Live Environment works yet. The only thing I know is that we will all receive the email for the access to the Live Environment either Thursday night or Friday before its launch (assuming of course that one has gotten their Live Environment ticket on Eventbrite or from the Free ticket form)

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Thanks, Miguel. I appreciate all the details. I will share this thread with my friends who are curious about what is going on.

In terms of what a “schedule” section on the website or in the FAQ would be, just something stating some of the details you just said in the last two posts:

  1. Videos will be released at once
  2. There isn’t a set schedule and it will be up to the participants to decide when to watch them (which I assume is to make it easier for people globally)
  3. Anything that actually WILL be live so people know what they should try and schedule for.

I think that would clear things up if people could find that quick explanation on tue website somewhere.

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