Social preasure being polygot. Are all rich?

I wonder if anyone else feels as I do. I have lived all over the world in part of my life and have picked up many languages. German Native as I am Austrian, English from when I moved ot Bali at age 5 in 1990 and there I learned also Bahasa Indonesian, Romanian rom when I moved to my grandmother to live with her at age 13, and Dutch from my first man. Everyone is always so amazed wiht me when they see me change languages fast and also I am funny cracking jokes…but I dont feel special. I feel preassure because people expect me to have a better life than I do because of this. I dont know if this makes sense to anyone else but I want to see if so. ARE ALL POLYGOTS SUCCESSFUL RICH PEOPLE AS I FEEL IT IS …

I have never been rich in my life as an adult. I do come from a “well situated family”. My parents payed for my university education, which included also language related studies. My parents found it important that I had a good formal eduaction.


Jolien!! Thanks for answering!! People seem to expect me to have a more cosmopolitan life when they hear that I speak so many languages. So then I feel self judgment I didnt strive enough in life or made use of opportunities. Cheers, Melissa

Hi Melissa,

Very interesting topic! Thanks for discussing it here! My cosmopolitan life occurs only in the internet by using Facebook, Zoom Calls and Skype! In real life I am hooked in a big city with 240.000 inhabitants here in Germany. I don’t travel at all. I do speak and write many languages and have my own Youtube channel.

Kind regards,