Sign up for topic room?

Hi all! How do we sign up for a topic room? I could do tomorrow (Sun) or next Sat the 24th, but not sure who to write to.
Heather is the form that you can fill out… there’s so much here that it’s hard to find things sometimes! I bookmarked a bunch of links yesterday, hence I had it. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! Glad someone is organized (since I’m not :wink:)

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You’re welcome! And no worries, you clearly juggle alot, from what I could see from your profile! :wink: BTW, happy to find a new language oriented podcast, just subscribed to yours!

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Thanks so much. Yes, there’s a lot going on! Hope to see you at the topics room.


@Sadelle Haha yes little kids are a lot :sweat_smile: Thank you so much for subscribing to the podcast :heart::heart: Hope you find it interesting :blush:

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