Russian materials

Hey guys!

I’m wondering if anyone can recommend good materials for learning Russian?

All I know so far is the alphabet, but I really don’t know where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Maybe send a message to @Natalia? I’m sure she can help you further.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have any examples for materials in English, but I don’t think there are many differences between materials for beginners. You can just get a classical one with grammar and dialogues for the beginning and after finishing it you can look for materials for intermediate learners. As long as I remember, this was how I learned Russian.


Hello everyone!

Of course I would be glad to help. I think you need to find a textbook for beginners when it includes necessary grammar topics, essential vocabulary and a variety of exercise to practice the language. There are a lot of textbooks to choose from, so you can easily find them and choose the one that suits you most. Also, I would say that communication is important from the very beginning. By the way, you could find videos for Russian learners on YouTube where I have a channel now. I hope you’ll find it useful (

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Hi Natalia,Thank you so much for sharing your channel with us. I love your strategy of speaking in Russian entirely and putting keywords on the screen. I really find the videos very understandable and educational even though I only studied a little Russian. Good job!

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Привет, Feilin!

Спасибо большое! :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you so much for your feedback, I am really happy to hear that. I do hope you’ll learn something useful by watching my videos.

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@Natalia I also like your little Instagram posts. Nice little snippets. :+1:

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