Repost: Language Network?

Hi everyone! :upside_down_face:
Hope you are doing great!

As the year starts, the idea of not wanting something to be know starts by not thinking about it, in the first place, pump into my head.

Recently @Alberto and I, were thinking if we could manage how to keep the contact with our pals, in order to reach them more easily and keep maintaining the communication cycle, also we would love to make you participant of any activities, that we might organize in the future. We noticed that the sending and the receivement are still more poweful that the answer/feedback.

For that reason the first thing that we started doing was to contact the people who we were already familiar with, secondly we wanted to keep them closely, for that we used the platform of Whatsapp, the third step of our plan is to manage to crack this big group into more tiny ones in which people who would have interests in other languages get together, as a ongoing process.

In this first instance it is thought for people who are interested in Spanish, but obviously is open for any other who would like to participate, as more and more people join, we could manage differents groups for differents languages interests and interchange between our own members. This approach is to connect people who we know and perhaps contact you with other people close to us, and maybe you could make the same for us, maybe you know a friend or colleague who might be interested. Also there is the option for you to leader your own group in the language that people gets more interested.

The use of the chat is not intended like a normal chatting group, we want to keep it exclusively for announce of any activities or updates, the same for polls or important information that we might released (we know that can be annoying to fufill your inbox with unnecesary messages, this is just to keep the contact more handy if you would like to consider it).

We consider the forum a strong corner of interconnection with people, but at least for us not very practical when it comes to fluidity, so this is our alternative for anyone who would like to link with us more easily.

Also we are open to suggestions, let us know what you think and if you are interested to join to the WA groups just send me an email at:

We would like to hear more from you!

Best wishes
@Jessy and @Alberto

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What about people without WhatsApp? Is there a way to be a part of things without it?

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We arrange for Whatsapp, in first instance because it’s basically what 90% of people use and know, but in the cases where it’s not available or blocked…we got you cover with Signal…

We use both apps, so in those cases you could choose which one fits the best for you…

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